My Little Gymnast!

My daughter performed in a gymnastics festival this month. It was her first one and I was so proud! Here are the girls mid performance...

...and here they are in a row!

Being a 'gym mum' involves getting up at silly o clock on a Sunday morning to take said daughter to gym for costumes and make up, followed by three hours sat on a hard wooden bench with no leg room to watch the morning festival and medal presentation. Now we have done one, I know the score. I observed the more experienced gym mums with their thermos flasks of hot tea to keep them going, and one had brought a box of shortbread. I will have tea and shortbread at the next one! I may also wear a padded coat to use as a cushion for my bum! However the hard seats and the 6am wake up call was all worth it when she performed. The medal she got was worn every day to school the whole of the following week - and it's so rewarding to be a mum when your beautiful offspring go out into the world and shine like this. Days like this are what being a mum is all about.

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