IKEA review- Play and Art Materials

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How to turn THIS.....IKEA art stuff 'before'...

Into THIS.... IKEA art stuff 'after'...

Simple! Just use THIS....

No, it's not as crazy as it sounds! Spinning round in a chair like this can unlock your creativity. Ikea's website says it can also help children to read and write. You can find out how by looking at this section of their website.

Here are my kids playing in the chair!

IKEA recently did a research report which is the world’s largest study of play and children’s development. They spoke to 8,000 parents and 3,000 children aged 7-12 from over 25 countries, and took findings to develop their children's ranges. As they believe that play is the basis for how children learn, develop and become who they are, they have developed a Facebook page called ‘Make the World Play More’ to help parents exchange thoughts around play and development - and a Toy Stories app that allows children to create their own book with illustrations alongside their parents, making a cheap and easy way for parents and children to engage and encourage creativity. The Toy Stories app lives on Facebook here.

So in the spirit of being creative, IKEA sent us some of their MÅLA art equipment which is designed with kids development in mind. Painting and drawing is one of the most basic ways a child can express themselves, so IKEA’s MÅLA range with paper, paints, pens, easels and stamps provides everything a child could need to create their own mini masterpiece!

My two sat up at the table and shared the stuff. The youngest got the chalks and the oldest got the paints but between them they produced enough pieces of art to fill my fridge door completely! If you fancy winning some of this stuff for your kids, IKEA have a competition each week to win MÅLA art equipment on their 'Fridge Door Flickr' page. Just upload an example of your child's artwork to be in with a shot! The Flickr page is here. Good luck!

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