How to Turn your Husband into Leonardo diCaprio!

My husband thinks he's Leonardo DiCaprio! Why does he think this? Because he's just downloaded the 'Inception' app for his iPhone and he's busy playing with his new gadget.

As I write he is sat in the armchair growling, breathing funny and making weird noises, and when I asked him what on earth he was doing, he said "Shush Nadine, I'm in a dream and I'm three layers deep!"

If you have seen this film, you will know how mind bendingly weird and brilliant it is. It is a movie that you have to think about and watch a few times to see everything. We still picked up new things after the second time of watching. I bought my hubby the DVD of it for Christmas and now the makers of the film have made this iPhone app!

So what is the app all about? It's funny hypnotic acoustic dreamlike music that makes the words you say echo back at you like you are in your own dream. The makers say that the app uses just about every sensor and gizmo inside your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to merge life around you into the game's distorted reality, much in the same way that your dreams feature twisted versions of real life memories.

Hubby seems to love it- whether that is novelty value or not remains to be seen! But if he's happy playing 'Leo', I can live with that!!

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