Do I REALLY want to be a Reality TV Star?

I've been preoccupied for the last fortnight, mulling over and over in my mind about an opportunity that has been presented to me. On the surface it seems exciting and harmless, but I'm having reservations about participating and hopefully blogging about it will bring me some clarity.

A TV production company for Channel 4 has been in touch to ask if I'd be interested in appearing in their show. Without going into too much detail (as it's unfair to the company to tell all about what they've proposed, not least because other TV production companies would then know what their competition was up to), but the show centres on motherhood. It would involve opening up my life to the cameras for them to observe how I do my daily juggle.

On one hand I'm happy to share my routine- I'm very structured about my day and the end result is that my kids and I usually get to where we are going with everything we need, in a calm fashion, and progress through the day in a positive frame of mind. If observing me could help other people pick up a few tips, then I'm happy to help. Also if it is a bad day and the kids are dragging their heels or I'm against a work deadline and get frustrated, then seeing that can also be useful too as no-one ever gets it spot on 100% of the time. It's reassuring when we see others in the same boat!

I am super organised and have a fascination with good time management, and I'm one of the experts on the Find A TV Expert website, so it's not like I'm not already 'out there' on the internet. I'm happy to promote my time management skills for potential work opportunities - and who knows what could come from being on the programme?

My reservations come from the fact that I'd be opening up my family life, and this is usually kept private. I do write about things we've been up to on my blog but I choose what gets published and what doesn't, and I keep anything sensitive, potentially upsetting or intimate out of the picture, to protect my family. Plus, I like my privacy.

Pros and Cons:
Being on a TV show would mean I could increase my Twitter following and increase my blog readership. It would be a way to promote my business and attract more clients. Publicity is great for business, and I have another book coming out soon about time management, so it would be an ideal platform for letting the world know about this. But would it be at a personal cost?

On the 'cons' side I'm aware that TV exposure is a bell you cannot 'un-ring'. I can't appear on the telly then want people in the street to not stare and say "Isn't she the one who was on that programme?"

I've appeared on TV many times before - on game shows mostly. I enjoy meeting new people and having a fun day out where you can compete to win whatever it is, but a game show takes you out of your everyday life and into a studio where the only thing on display is your own personality. It's not real life. However I find real life fascinating - this show is exactly the sort of thing I'd tune in for on the telly!

So what do you think? To be or not to be? I'd be interested in how you'd react if it was you - do give me your thoughts below...



  1. Do it!!!!! You come across fantastically on TV, I bet you would get more offers as a result of it. Maybe you could agree but lay down some ground rules about certain aspects they're not allowed to show? Like you and Simon injecting heroin when the kids have gone to bed (or have you stopped that now?). x

  2. Thanks for that Prof! You are hilarious!!
    I'm flattered that you think I'd be good on the show!!
    I'm having a think - will let you know how I get on!!

    PS) Did I tell you I'd applied for Deal or No Deal? I'd love to get on that show!! LOL


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