At Home Column #8: Achieve Your Dreams in 2011

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t set some sort of goal or ambition at the start of a New Year. How are you getting on with yours so far? The great thing about a New Year is that it gives you an opportunity to reflect and make some decisions about what you want from life. Busy mums often don’t get any other chance!

You may remember my recent column containing my Bucket List - an ongoing ‘to do’ list which will be added to as I think of more great things to try, but the funny thing about stating it publicly is that I’ve started to attract some of these things toward me. You may remember the phenomenon that was ‘The Secret’, all about the law of attraction, and how what you focus on OR what you put ‘out there’ will come to you - and it does work!

As a result of posting my Bucket List with at home, I’ve been invited to do a charity parachute jump in 2011 so I will be pushed right out of my comfort zone by taking part! To be honest, I’m scared to death but it will challenge me and give me a target to aim for with my weight loss goals as well, and now I’ve declared it publicly, there is no backing out!

Funny thing is, even when you set yourself goals and forget them, the law of attraction still works for you. Back in 2009, I attended an extreme life coaching seminar run by Christopher Howard who has Richard Branson on his speed dial, amongst other high profile people. At that weekend seminar, I set some goals for myself, one of which was to have a regular column in a national magazine, and in 2010, I started working with at home magazine - things may take time to materialise, but they do in the end! I’ve decided to go on Christopher Howard’s next seminar taking place in April in London, so if you want a free place on it and the chance to change your life, then just click here for more information and let me know if you will be there!

It can be tricky when you are doing the daily juggle to find the time to set goals or even work out what your dreams are - but you must. A life lived with nothing to aim for is a life not truly lived, and the key to being a Jugglista, on top of everything, keeping all the plates spinning, is not to do more but to alter your mindset. I find that people with a more negative outlook won’t achieve half as much – they are stopping themselves from even starting, by telling themselves it can’t be done! I believe that if a man can walk on the moon then us mortals down here must be able to get closer to what we want, if we just believe we can do it. So notice the language you use with yourself and if it is negative, then start being your own best friend and being more encouraging! It works a treat!

What are your goals for 2011? Here is your opportunity to publicly declare it and start attracting it toward you!

About the author
Nadine Hill is a busy working mum (is there any other kind?!) who has a fascination with time management which borders on the obsessive! She loves to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey, and has lots of practise through raising her two children, growing her small business, being a best-selling author, running her home, public speaking and inspiring others as an Enterprise UK Ambassador. Nadine’s ambition is to help busy mums claw back a bit of ‘me time’, by sharing tips with at home in her fortnightly columns, her own life stories on her blog Juggle Mum, and micro-blogging on Twitter. You can learn more about Nadine at

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  1. I completely agree - I just posted about this as I've written in my diary that 2011 is the year I will get published. Since writing that, a few things have happened which are helping reach that goal. I also wrote a list of things I haven't done and thought it would be interesting to see how many I could achieve by the end of the year. I hope the universe is listening!

  2. Ooh! Good for you Hot Cross Mum!
    This site may be of use to you in your ambitions:

    It contains all sorts of information about planning and marketing your book and getting published. I hope it is of use!

    Also, I have a book coming out this year called "I Don't Have Time... To Write" and this is for people who want to write but struggle to find the time! I'll post more on this blog when it is ready to launch!

    I find that when you set yourself a clear goal - like yours to be published, that the universe does indeed listen and propel you forwards toward your goal. At the very least you spot the opportunities that will move you forward where you didn't before!

    Best of luck!


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