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Product Name: Verdi Boots by Hotter Shoes
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Price: £75.00 (but I've just found out they have £10 off now!!)
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Dress up any outfit to the nines with stunning Verdi boots. Understated elegance in faux reptile or smart black, with block heels that are so contemporary for this new season. These dazzling boots ooze with hidden comfort features to make them feel good all day long.
Initial Thoughts: Having owned a pair of Hotter shoes myself before, I already knew how comfortable they were. I've had mine for a year and I still love the comfort of them, so I knew that my Mother in Law would love the feel before she had even set eyes on the boots! I ordered these for her and her initial thoughts were very positive. She liked the style of them and the quality was apparent to us both. You know how sometimes things look nice online but they disappoint when you get them up close, I'm pleased to say that these didn't!!
I Liked: Well *I* liked that they make my MIL happy!!! It's always a good result when a gift you give gets a smile!! She loved the way they looked. The picture above is her modelling them in the kitchen! She also said they were very comfy. She is on her feet a lot during the day so it's nice that now she has some warm boots that won't make her feet ache when she's in them all day!!
I wasn't Keen: The size 7's seemed a little tight at first, but my MIL assures me that they will be fine. I would feel happier if I knew that she didn't have to 'break them in' before she could have the full comfort, so maybe look at getting a half size up from your usual size when ordering. Fortunately this website does cater for half sizes which is quite unusual nowadays, so allow for thick socks with the boots!
Overall: I think the boots look lovely on her and I know that this classic but fashionable style will mean that she wears them a lot. There is a wide range of styles to choose from on the website and they are getting much more fashionable than a year ago. When I first looked at the Hotter offering, there was only 1 style that I found 'trendy' enough to review, whereas now they have quite a few shoes 'of the moment'. I'd say that my Mother in Law and my Mum are the perfect target market for this brand as their styles are exactly the sort of thing they like!!

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  1. I did a review for Hotter last year too - I adore the ankle boots and now have two pairs! They are so comfortable and so stylish too = not often I can say that, being a shoe and boot fiend!


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