A Long Way to Collect my Shoes!!

I went to my local cobblers this week to collect some shoes. As they say- if it's worth wearing, it's worth repairing! So I often take in scuffed heels and broken straps for fixing, having the 'make do and mend' upbringing from my Mum!

I'd been having a purse clear out and chucking old and out of date coupons and receipts, and I found my ticket stub for the shoes at the back of my purse! I'd obviously forgotten to collect them at the time, but I'd written on the back 'collect on 29th'. I knew it wasn't 29th of December as I'd have been busy over Christmas with the kids, so I thought I'd left the shoes in since the end of November.

When I got there, the man at the counter said that he clears out the unclaimed shoes every 3 months, and we deduced that it must have been June when I dropped them off! This is 6 months ago!!

When I asked what had happened to my shoes, he told me that they go into the recycling and are sent to Africa! So a woman in Africa is now enjoying my snakeskin wedges!! That made me laugh!!

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  1. You're lucky to have a cobbler nearby. I have no idear where the nearest one to us is. And I'm sure someone is getting the benefit of your beautiful shoes.

  2. That's so funny. Mind, I picked up the husband's suit from three months ago last week. I was so embarrassed I said I'd been in hospital! xx

  3. So true Ellen- The Cobbler is a dying art!

    Neets- you are hilarious! I love how you invented a story to tell the dry cleaner!!

  4. Yes, your blog is lovey, really colourful and vibrant. That made me laugh, too. I doubt women in Africa would want to wear those high heeled shoes however! They are extremely high!

    CJ xx

  5. sorry you lost the shoes, but I love it that they recycle and some woman is now enjoying fabulous shoes. great blog!


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