The Cycle of Life- or of Teeth!

I think my husband feels like he's come full circle! We are childhood sweethearts- together 21 years now (and I'm only 36!) and when we met I had braces on my teeth, big bushy frizzy hair (it was only just 1990- we'd just come out of the 80's - the big hair decade!), I wore glasses and I had a face full of spots! I was quite a catch!

Bless him, but he saw through all of the 'outside' appearances and fell in love with what was inside, and me him. Appearance wise, things could only get better, and they did. I got my spots sorted under the care of a dermatologist, had laser surgery on the eyes, GHD's were invented for the hair and the braces came off. Except that a few short months ago, whilst in my thirties, I had them put back on!

Now I'm creeping up to the big 4-0, I want to fix all those niggly things we all have about our appearance. For me it is my crooked teeth. I had the teenage braces taken off soon after hubby and me got together. Not because of him I hasten to add - just me. I decided that I'd had enough, I wanted to be pretty for my boyfriend, and I thought the teeth were 'straight enough'! So against the dentists advice, I requested them off! I wish they had refused, but I suppose the customer is always right - and it's so true that you cannot put an old head onto young shoulders!

So anyway a few months ago I took the plunge and got my braces re-attached. I was worried about how they might look at first, when I went to my business meetings for example. But do you know what- they look OK. They are not a big deal, to me or anyone else, and in 18 months, they will be off and I will finally have straight teeth! Ways of caring for orthodontic braces have moved on since my teenage years and now you can get these Interdental Brushes which make life a bit easier. I can carry these round for keeping clean during the day whilst I'm out and about. It makes it easier to stick to the Orthodontists advice of actually brushing after every meal, which I have to confess, I never did as a teen!

So I've come full circle. On days when I have to time to style, my hair is just as bushy as it ever was, and the braces are back! As long as my dress sense from my late teens stays in history, I'll be ok. I don't much fancy wearing a puffball skirt on the school run!

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  1. Very brave! And it sounds like you're very confident. My parents still get on me that I didn't wear my retainer, and a few of my teeth are crooked, but luckily they are on the bottom :)

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Thank you! It felt brave to have the braces on and I did feel self conscious for the first week or so until I'd gotten used to them! Now thought, they are no big deal- but I will have to have a retainer for a while afterwards. I will make sure I wear it!! (Old head on old shoulders!!)
    Thanks for the comment:-)


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