At Home Column #6: Go With the Snow!

If there has been one great leveller of recent weeks it has been the snow! Nature doesn’t care if you have a high powered meeting or if you have nothing in your cupboards. It doesn’t care if you have kids to get to school or if you are about to give birth at any minute. The snow has affected all of us this winter, no matter what walk of like you are treading, but like many wise mothers, Mother Nature has a subtle yet firm lesson that she wishes to communicate, and like the very best teachers, she is allowing us to learn the lesson for ourselves.

Slow down.

I bet within the last month- pre snow, that you have had at least one day where you were rushing. Maybe your life is lived at 100mph and you have forgotten how to be still? I know when I lived in London after University that I got so caught up in the pace of life, that I spent my days rushing around, on and off tubes, and I didn’t really know what I was rushing for! It did me no good. Always feeling like you are one step behind in this race you cannot win, feeling hot and bothered in my fashionable clothes, so I can’t enjoy how they look because all I am focusing on is how uncomfortable they feel. Running around is best done in lycra and trainers, not pencil skirts and high heels! When you are doing the daily juggle it can be so easy to get caught up in what you have to DO that you forget to just BE.

You’ve heard the expression ‘go with the flow’? Well I have a new one for our current weather situation – ‘Go with the snow!’ Listen to Mother Nature’s quiet but forceful lesson and take things slower. If you try to run on ice you will slip. If a baby tries to run before she can walk she’ll fall, so as adults who should know better, let’s remind ourselves of the basic laws of nature and allow ourselves a breather. Cancel any appointment that is not absolutely necessary. Once you have done your hunter/gatherer task of getting food in, close the doors, sit next to the fire (or radiator!) and snuggle close to those you love.

Whilst there have been inconveniences with this weather, I have also enjoyed how quiet the streets are in the day with a blanket of white snow over them. It has seemed peaceful and contemplative. Good time management is more than just getting things done, it is also about investing time in what matters to you. Purposefully choosing how you spend your time and the art of leaving things undone. I always say that a Jugglista is a woman who juggles like it is going out of fashion, but don’t mistake competent juggling as being frazzled. A Jugglista is a woman who knows what is important to her and puts that at the top of her priority list, just like many of us have done in this snow.

Has the snow taught you any life lessons? Drop me a comment and share your thoughts! ...and stay warm till next time!

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