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Product Name: Yogurt Maker by EasiYo
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The blurb: The Tastiest, Freshest Yogurt in the World! People have been making their own REAL yogurt for thousands of years. That’s because no other yogurt tastes as good, or is more beneficial than freshly-made real yogurt! Besides it being truly delicious, EasiYo Yogurt is rich in absorbable nutrients and has BILLIONS of live lactic cultures (those beneficial 'good guys') in every spoonful! You just can't beat yogurt when it's at its freshest! The EasiYo Yogurt Making System is adored around the world for its fabulous taste, wholesome New Zealand ingredients, simplicity and economy! As soon as you taste EasiYo, you'll realise why millions of people have made it a part of their daily lives!

Initial Thoughts:
The PR Lady who sent me this said it was so easy, it was like making a cup of tea, only you have to wait 8 hours for it to brew! It does sound very impressive to say you are making your own yogurt, but the reality is is the most easy thing in the world to do, so you can accept all the culinary praise for this, knowing that it is really as simple as adding water and giving it a shake!

I opened the box with my 3 YO son and as he played with one of the packets of flavouring, I read the instructions and boiled a kettle. All you do is half fill the yogurt maker tub with water from the tap, then add the powder from the packet - put the lid on and give it a shake, then pour boiling water into the main outer tube, place the inner tube with the shaken yogurt in it into this chamber and leave it for 8 hours or overnight until it sets! ANYONE can do it, it really is that simple. Plus I'm now addicted to the taste of this yogurt - it has a lovely thick consistency and tastes really creamy, and I'm assured by the packet that this yogurt is healthy and less calories and saturated fat that other shop bought yogurts.

I Liked: I loved several things about this. Besides the health factors like having billions of live lactic cultures in the yogurt, I loved practical things like the fact that that the packets of un-made yogurt keep in the cupboard for at least a year before their 'Best By' date so you know you can ALWAYS have fresh yogurt in the house. Plus I loved how you decant your made yogurt into little pots so you have individual servings. I don't suppose you HAVE to do this, but I did to make life a bit easier, and I loved eating my yogurt from a ceramic ramekin rather than a plastic pot. I guess it's the difference between having your cup of tea out of a china mug rather than a plastic vending machine cup! For me, it just made the experience of eating my yogurt that bit better!

I wasn't Keen: When your fresh yogurt is ready you can store it in the fridge, but I didn't want to store the whole 1 litre I'd made as it was. I wanted to store in individual servings so I got out my ramekins which only usually get used at Christmas! When I was pouring the yogurt into the pots, a great big blob gushed out before I could stop it and covered the ramekin and half my counter! You have to be careful when decanting, but other than that, this system is foolproof!

Overall: I'm really impressed with this yogurt maker and the two flavours I initially tried (peaches & cream and raspberries & cream) which were really tasty. As you can see from the picture, I have been out and bought several more flavours to try. I couldn't find them at Tesco, but when I searched the EasiYo website I could see a couple of local stockists plus Lakeland who sell by mail order, so I can get hold of the sachets fairly easily. I can't wait to try the 'Fruit Squirt' which adds a real fruit topping to the yogurt you make, and there is a 'Greek Yogurt' style which I've bought to see how it compares to supermarket varieties!

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