How Quickly they Grow up!

My son is a monkey! No, officially he is! He is only 3 but since he started going to morning nursery, I've noticed him coming along in his development, his talking and understanding of things - and also his mischievousness!

He took a long time to toilet train. We are there now (finally!) but in the early days he didn't seem to mind when he was wet- he'd stand around in his wet trousers and not even tell me if he'd had an accident. Then later on in the process as he'd started to 'get it' and he actually did run to the toilet when he felt the urge, we'd have the excuse of " I couldn't get there in time" if there were wet trousers to be changed. I'm not talking about a dribble here - I'm talking about proper sodden clothing, but he'd found a good 'excuse' as to why they were wet- he couldn't get there in time. How can I be mad at that when he'd tried? He had caught on!

So patience was the order of the day. I was inwardly experiencing frustration, but outward patience to him and gradually he got it, he made it on time to the loo and he learned to hold it a bit when there was no loo around (or nowhere to stop if we were driving!) I got good at carrying round an empty Oasis bottle (larger spout!) which was perfect for popping his tinkler into when we were in public but not appropriate places to go against a wall! (Boys are much easier than girls in this respect!) and now, finally, we are there. The boy is dry and I say "we are there" because it feels just as much my achievement as his! I was with him every step of the way, running to the bushes at school to relieve him before he wets in front of everyone, picking up poo off the carpet when he threw it there after wiping his bum (I don't even know why!) and pulling over in the car at any convenient layby to pee on the wheels, getting my own hand covered with sprinkles as much as his as I had to help him shake it after. But finally we are done.

So today I see him run from the toilet with no top on. I've seen him streak, naked from the waist down loads of times as his wet pants sit on the toilet floor, but this time he was naked from the waist up! His trousers were dry, so I asked "Where is your top?"

He looked at me in the eye and said "I couldn't get to the toilet in time". I said "What?!" How do you get pee on your top and not your trousers, are you having a laugh?" (said in a tone of voice which is clearly not about joking and more said in annoyance!) "Where is your top"

He took me by the hand to the top which had a wet patch but from the positioning I could tell is was where the taps splashed him whilst he was hand washing, so I got him a new, dry top to wear. He said "I'm having a joke with you!"

Little monkey!

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