History Repeating....

I remember as a kid going to see the Blackpool Illuminations with my family. My dad would drive out to the coast and we'd time the return journey home to co-incide with the big light switch on. My brother and I would stare from the back seat at all the twinkly coloured lights, thinking it was fantastic, eating biscuits my mum had brought and saying we needed a wee every five minutes, but loving the time we were spending as a family - in the case of my childhood, times like this were times my parents weren't fighting. Thankfully my own children can enjoy these days for what they are and not because they are a respite from what was going on at home.

The funny thing is my husband and I found ourselves doing exactly the same recently - quite by accident! We'd driven from Yorkshire to Lancashire to purchase something I'd found on Preloved, and whilst we were out that way, Hubby suggested going to see the lights. As it was lunchtime and the lights didn't come on until 5pm when it was dark, we drove to Lytham St Annes and walked along the beach. It was deserted but for a few dog walkers and young families doing what we were doing, but Simon showed our kids the shells from the Razorfish, and bits of seaweed as we walked along. It was lovely. His family like walking along coastlines - Simon spent many a childhood weekend at his Grandparents place on the East Coast, so this afternoon was spent in the same way he spent his own childhood.

After we'd had some lunch and a nip into town for a rejuvenating Costa Coffee (it was cold on that beach!) and some snacks for the way home, we went back to the car as it was getting dark and headed for Blackpool.

We hit the top of the strip just before 5pm and there were a few cars waiting at the side of the road to set off down the road as soon as the lights were switched on. We were unsure of the exact time it would all start but were hoping it'd be 5pm as it was 4.45pm when we got there. I cracked open the biscuits and gave everyone a juice and we sat munching and drinking until 5pm.

As we drove through the lights, I look loads of pictures (probably shouldn't have been doing as my camera had a flash - the car in front probably thought they had gone through a speed camera!) But this picture is a good one - it shows a tram to the left covered in lights.

The kids loved our special impromptu day at the beach, and I loved creating a day for our kids that they will remember. It's family days like this that make the best memories when you look back, and we had such a great time. What did you do with your parents that you find yourself doing with the kids now? Do leave a comment below!

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