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**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: System Abs by Slendertone
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Price: £119.99
Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The blurb: 'Slendertone System Abs is our most powerful abs belt with advanced technical features to deliver results in just 4 weeks. It delivers a complete abdominal workout to the rectus, oblique and transversus abdominis muscles. Use 5 times a week for 4 weeks to see firmer, flatter, more defined abs.'

Initial Thoughts: Who wouldn't want flatter, firmer abs in just 4 weeks?! I was excited to try this out, so when it arrived I excitedly measured my waist so I could see how much I would lose over the coming weeks! Staring measurement - 99 cms. (I'm currently a dress size 18)

The first time I used the belt it was a weird sensation - it takes some getting used to, but on the second night, I realised that I'd only turned on one side the night before! You have to increase the intensity on either side of the belt at the same time - the controls are on separate buttons, so I was only working one side the first time - doh! The picture above is my son modelling the box!

I Liked: I liked the promises, I liked hearing how I'd be more toned and firmer in just 4 weeks, and I loved the daydreaming I was doing about the little skirt I was hoping to get into! I really wanted to give this product a glowing review and tell you how I'd managed to get into my skirt but alas it didn't happen!

I wasn't Keen: When you press the pads onto your skin they are a bit slimy. It reminded me of the TENS machine I had with my first birth. Of course the pads have to stick on and these do, but I didn't like putting them on and taking off because of their texture, but this is just a personal opinion - you might not think anything of this! The other thing is that I found it hard to remember to use it every night! They recommend 5 times a week for 4 weeks and I did do this. One of the weeks I probably did 4 times rather than 5 but overall I stuck to the plan. It just got tricky to remember. I'd settle down with a cuppa after rushing round after work and kids all day then I'd see the Slendertone box and remember to put the belt on! Of course the 'exercising' itself is easy as pie! You just put the belt in the right place, set the routine you want and let it work whilst you watch tv or do something else. It takes no effort to exercise - the effort I found, was in remembering to use it!!

Overall: If you are hoping to have a stomach like the model on the box in a month or two then you will be disappointed. Plus you won't be able to eat what you want and still expect to be toned! I go to the gym 3 times a week and eat healthily although I do have sweet foods if I want them, so I wasn't just relying on the Slendertone belt to do all the work for me. I was working out myself too. I did lose 0.5cms from my waist in the 4 weeks but it's hard to tell whether this was because of my own weight loss efforts or the belt! Maybe a combination of both! As I say above, I am currently a dress size 18 - I've lost 3 stone so far on a 6 stone journey, so I am a bit 'cushioned' around the middle! Maybe the results of this belt would be more noticeable on a woman who has less fat left to lose - someone nearer to her goal. I will carry on using the belt, and maybe as I get into a dress size 14 I might be reporting more toned abs, but we'll have to see!

My results were as follows:
Start of trial- 11th October 2010. My waist measurement is 99cms
End of trial after 4 weeks - 8th November 2010. My waist measurement is 98.5cms

Have you ever tried using something like this? How did you find it? Drop me a comment below!

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