Review: Mums Office Diary 2011 - Stay Organised!

**This is a Product Review Post**

This is my 2010 pink diary next to the new teal 2011 diary!

Product Name: 2011 handbag diary by Mum's Office
Buy Online Here: also in John Lewis, Fenwicks and Waitrose
Price: £14.95
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: For many mums, juggling the often conflicting needs and schedules of a busy family is a daily chore. With different family members taking part in different activities, just having an overview of what's happening can almost be impossible. Mum's Diary is designed to solve that.
Initial Thoughts: I had a diary in 2010 so I've had a year to get used to it, but for 2011 they have introduced a very handy pen loop, so you can carry a pen with the diary. This is helpful. Also, they have added a page of tips for mums like 'label it or lose it' and 'get ready the night before'. Finally someone else is putting out the kind of tips I do on this blog!!!
I Liked: I love the unique grid function of the diary which splits the week into 'My Week' and 'Everyone Else's Week!' I can keep each child separate so I know exactly what they are doing on a given day, and can remember sports kits etc accordingly! There are 4 columns so women with up to 4 children are catered for, but as I have 2 children, I section my own diary into my girl, my boy, my husband (this is where I list everything I want him to do, like installing cat flaps etc!) and I use the last column to plan my meals for the week. When I'm doing my online shopping I can write in each day what we are having and it helps me to not overspend at the supermarket but also seeing the week at a glance means I can ensure we don't have red meat two nights running or a week of pizza!!
I wasn't Keen: There are just a few pages at the back headed 'Need to Know www' and 'In Case I Lose my Mobile' which are really useful, but it would be awesome if there was a way in future diaries of removing these pages from an old diary and placing them into the new diary because I have to re-write all these 'Need to Know' details from my 2010 diary into my 2011 one! Anything which saves time is great, as I hate to replicate effort for the same result.
Overall: This diary is so useful for a busy working mum like me, and it would make an excellent Christmas Present for the woman who has everything. If you are ever flustered or overwhelmed by your life then this is a tool that can help you take control!

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