Review: 'Me Finder' Wristband for Kids!

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Product Name: Me Finder by Kids Show And Tell
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Price: £14.99
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb:
Losing a child in a crowded place is a very common occurrence but is also every parents worst nightmare. Me Finder is a new digital wristband that helps parents to teach their child what to do when they are lost. Designed and created by British parents for their own children, its manufactured in cool designs that kids will actually want to wear. The wristband stores up to 5 phone numbers which means you can switch the number to whoever is looking after your child - parents, grandparents, child-minders, teacher on a school trip etc. Me Finder is simple but very effective in helping to reunite a parent/carer with a lost child quickly.

Initial Thoughts: The Me Finders I got were the green 'robot' style one for my son and the pink flower for my daughter. They were really attractive looking and the kids were excited to open the box! The wristband is really soft and comfortable, and has a 'closing system' so that it's hard for the child to remove the band themselves. I did actually find it tricky to open the wristband in the first place as I was worried about breaking it! I couldn't tell if it was a 'press stud' fastening or not and I didn't want to pull it apart to find it wasn't! It fastens with a square 'button' and a track of 'buttonholes' so you can select the correct wrist size for the child. The plastic strap stretches to allow the fastening button through.

I Liked: My 3 year old son loves his Me Finder and proudly wears it every day. I also feel reassured because I know that he is wearing my number, so if he should wander God forbid, then at least there is a way of reaching me. My daughter wanted hers to be programmed with 'Mum' rather than 'Mummy' as she felt that at almost 8 years old, it's not cool to have 'mummy' written on it!! But she also likes knowing my number, as it makes her feel grown up!
I've programmed our Me Finders with my mobile number, Daddy, both Grandma's and another Grandparent who is home all day and therefore next to the phone!

I wasn't Keen: The programming of the Me Finder took a little getting used to. I'd suggest tackling this when you have 20 minutes spare to sit down and concentrate on what you are doing, as it took me a few attempts to successfully get a phone number in! Although once you have done it, just follow the same procedure for the other names and when everyone is in, hold down the middle key to save until the screen goes back to 'Mummy' - the default setting. You know you have done this right when there is nothing flashing on the screen - when it just shows 'Mummy' and the number.

Also, be aware that if you travel abroad at all, you might want to put in your International dialling numbers, using the +44 code for UK, to save you having to re-programme it all again before a trip! Trust me, once you have got the numbers stored, you won't want to go through it all again, so make it easy on yourself the first time round!

Overall: Just knowing that I have given myself the very best chance of being re-united with my kids if we were ever separated is real peace of mind. I really hope that we never need to use the Me Finder in an emergency, but I'm glad it is there. I suppose it's like your home insurance. You don't want to use it but would be glad it was there if you needed it.
We are going to a music festival next Summer and I will make sure my kids wear their Me Finders 24-7 at this event, just in case.

Here are some product features:
Super-lightweight; curved edges; adjustable shorter strap made from very soft, comfortable plastic
Child-proof safety-catch on wristband
Funky animations to entertain your child, with your phone number set as default
You know your contact number is displayed, even if your child plays with the buttons
Environmentally friendly. Not only do you use it time and again, the packaging materials & the materials in the wristband can be recycled.
Waterproof - ideal for the pool or the beach.

Tell me what you think - how do you handle the possibility of a 'wandering child'?

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