The Last Supper...

Guess how much this loaf of bread cost? Go on, have a guess!

Let me tell you that it came from a gourmet bread shop, specialising in bespoke breads. An artisan baker prepares each loaf and this particular loaf is a Shepherds Loaf.

The bakery has twice won the organic loaf of the year award, so now I have given you all the credentials and you can tell this is going to be more expensive than a 'white sliced from Greggs', go on and have a guess at what you might pay for this loaf of bread? Made from flour and water.

Twelve quid!

That's right - I was gobsmacked! I was thinking, a fiver maybe. OK, so the bread is more exclusive than the Hovis or Warburtons I usually get at Tesco, but blummin 'eck! I could buy a whole outfit for £12!

My husband, the foodie, was the one who made the purchase. He wanted to try produce from this bakery which had been on TV. It was Hobbs House Bakery, and when I went online to check out their website I can see that their 'buy online' price for a Shepherd's Loaf is now £21!! So maybe we got a bargain?

It really was the last supper we could afford that week!

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  1. I just had to share this comment that my husband's Nanna shared with me on Facebook about this post!
    "Hi love, Simon must have had a senior moment, when he bought that cob (loaf). I make one cob and six teacakes out of 1lb of flour 1teaspoon of salt 1 teapoon of sugar a knob of butter 1 pkt of dried yeast and 300ml of water( blood heat). That wont even cost as much as Greggs. Get the baking bowl out, Simon xxxx"

    Nanna you are so funny! I love it!! xxx


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