When Disney Makes a Movie...

When Disney makes a movie about blogging, you know that it has entered the mainstream!

My 7YO daughter and I cuddled up a few weeks ago to watch the new Disney Channel Original Movie - Harriet and the Spy: Blog Wars.

The show was about a High School girl who writes the class blog and finds it being very popular amongst her classmates. I remember when I started this blog and I asked my friends if they read blogs and what they liked - very few did. But now blogs are becoming more widespread. The new fashion event, Fashion Press Week is launching this autumn and wants to invite bloggers alongside mainstream press to report, just showing how 'mainstream' us bloggers are becoming!

Most major companies have blogs now, and I recently read in one of my women's glossy mags that the major High Street fashion labels aimed at young women have bloggers on staff! I loved that - it is probably part of the role for someone in PR & marketing, and if I was still in the fashion PR industry, I bet I'd be blogging about the clothes too! It is an exciting time to be a blogger and be in a communications type role. I can't wait to see how blogging develops over the next few years.

I hope you like my blog. I feel like a party host and you are my guests so it's important to me that you feel welcome! Do follow this blog so I know who my guests are! Your support really makes a difference. x

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