Shopping for Teachers this Christmas!

Today I got way ahead in my Christmas shopping stakes and also discovered a fab website where I can get unusual gifts and earn loyalty points to spend on other products from the site! Now my youngest is at nursery, I have TWO school teachers to buy a Christmas gift for, and I found this....

Check out my soap!! I got two of these- they were £5.60 each, and I think they look more expensive, so my children's teachers will get one each this Christmas! All I need is a smart little gift-bag and some straw-like shredded tissue paper and I think they will be really pleased!

I got the soap from a site called LOVE LULA. ( This is an organic apothecary, which sounds really sweet too, and apparently all their stuff is free from parabens and petrochemicals. There are no synthetic fragrances, so basically you know what you are getting! The best bit for me, was that as I was going to the checkout to pay for my two soaps, thinking that I'm just getting stuff for other people, Love Lula asked me if I wanted up to 3 free samples of some of their other products to try! This was a really nice touch and made me feel better about spending my money with them! They have certain freebies to choose from, so I went for an exfoliating face scrub and a body wash. When pictured on the site they show you the full size bottle but freebies come in a sachet. It's still a good way for them to get people trying other stuff that they will go back for and I really liked being able to choose some free gifts with my soap!

I feel really organised having bought the teachers gifts now as these are the ones I usually leave till the last minute - never sure if I'm going to get them something at all but always bowing to peer pressure at the time when the rest of the class turns up with something! If it was MY teacher I wouldn't be really that bothered about getting them a gift, but when it is your kids, you don't want them to feel like the only one who hasn't brought something and they always feel proud when they hand the gift over to 'Mrs Whoever'!

I actually found Love Lula through a site called ICE - this is the site that let's you earn rewards whilst you shop. ICE specialises in bringing together retail partners who offer sustainable choices, so it is an 'environmental' focused site. The way it works is that you get an ICE account, do your shopping and then as you spend (the exact same retail prices as if you went direct to the company), you earn ICE points. These points can then be used to pay for other goods from the site - either in whole or part payment with cash. It's like a Boots Advantage Card, but for online!

The kinds of companies involved are like Eurostar, Green & Blacks Direct, Green Tomato Cars, Eat Sleep Live, and all kinds of farm shops across Britain. Plus of course my favourite - the organic apothecary! All the retail partners have been chosen for their environmental and ethical credentials.

So now I've got the teachers sorted, I just need to tackle my Father in Law! He's impossible to buy for as he has everything and since he stopped smoking I can no longer fall back on a tin of cigars!! Anyone any ideas??

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  1. You are so organised!! Speaking as a teacher myself, I would love that soap.

    However, in these difficult economic times, I would like to say that the gift I treasure the most from my pupils is a homemade card and the words "thank you". Just being appreciated is the best present in the world, you don't need to spend money to show that and I would hate parents to feel obliged to buy something.

  2. Thanks for sharing that WM - It's so good to hear that teachers like you would treasure the homemade card.
    My kids feel so proud when they can give a little gift bag to "Mrs whoever" at school but equally they feel just as proud when they make something too!

  3. That soap is adorable! I want!


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