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Product Name: Children's Clothing by Vertbaudet
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Price: From £17
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: When I saw the TV advert which promised 'clothes designed with children in mind', I wasn't really sure what that meant. I thought it was just a marketing strap line, but when I actually read through the latest catalogue, I could see that the clothes were indeed designed and made with children in mind, due to the little things that only a mother would notice, if two pairs of trousers - one from Vertbaudet and one from say Primark, were hanging next to each other in a store! I have a 3YO son and when I got a few pieces from the Autumn/ Winter 2010-11 range, I firstly noticed the knees! All the boys trousers have reinforced knees, it just looks like part of the design visually - like a 'combat' trouser style, but it serves a practical purpose too. If your boy is into rough and tumble, with these trousers, they are less likely to come crying with a grazed kneecap!!
Initial Thoughts: I did think that the clothing felt 'thick' - like good quality thick. It was substantial, and the kind of clothing you could pass onto a smaller child once yours has grown out of them. If you are anything like me, you will love getting a bag of clothes from a friend with an older child, and you could pass on Vertbaudet stuff and be proud of it!
I Liked: Being a fan of practicality, I loved the little features of the clothes that made them easy for kids. The elastic ribbing on the waistband of trousers that enabled easy slipping on and off for a child who is toilet training. Reversible tops which are great if you are going out and they spill down one side - you can get them 'changed' quickly without having to carry a change bag! Also rubber zip pulls that make it easier for little fingers to keep grip whilst dressing themselves. ... oh, and everything is machine washable, because I think that children's clothes need to be, and designers who don't make them machine washable obviously don't have kids!
I wasn't Keen: If I was nit picking, I'd love to see a few more 'occasion' clothes in the catalogue. Something for a night out or for holidays. This catalogue is great for 'everyday' wear - loads of choice, but not really anything for an evening.
Overall: Great boys clothes from a function and practicality standpoint at a 'medium to high end' High Street price point, but for quality this range cannot be beat!

BTW- Vertbaudet are about to launch 'Budding Designers’ competition for children, where kids create a design for a winter warmer accessory. The competitions will be ongoing for more than 2 years and are international, so there will be a winner in each country that Vertbaudet are active in, and the winning designs will be produced and sold in their catalogues (the winning children will also win a Nintendo DSI!)
The latest competition is on now and runs until 15th October. See Vertbaudet's website for details.
**This contest is now closed**

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