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Product Name: Personalised child photo cards from Baby Cards Now
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Price: From £45 for 25 cards
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Jane O'Neill is a mum who founded Baby Cards after the birth of her first child. Baby gifts started arriving as soon as they announced their birth news to family and friends, and Jane felt overwhelmed by the number of gifts received for her baby girl - even from people she barely knew! Wanting to make an extra special effort to thank everyone, she decided to send personalised baby photo cards featuring a picture of her baby and was astounded by the response. Upon researching online, there were no companies at the time who allowed parents to create cards with the child's photo and greeting, so she set up Baby Cards. makes it easy and fun for new parents to order personalised baby cards and invitations online with a 100% quality guarantee.
Initial Thoughts: I have often wanted to send out Christmas cards featuring a photo of my children, so this year I decided to do it! I took the kids, my camera and a Santa hat and Rudolph ears from the dressing up box and headed for the park after school one day to get a suitable shot, then uploaded it to my computer and created my own family Christmas Cards for 2010 on the Baby Cards website! It only took me about 10 minutes to create the cards, and I really took my time - deciding which design I liked and double checking my spellings! The ready boxed cards arrived just a couple of days later - super quick, and I was very impressed!
I Liked: The quality of the cards was good, and I LOVED how I'd already been able to write a greeting from us all into the cards which was printed in. This means all I have to do before sending these out this year is to hand write the recipient's name on and address the envelope! Super time saving and as you know, I love to save time on the necessary but hardly enthralling activities!
I wasn't Keen: My only minor negative was that the picture on the front of the cards was a little dark, and could have been better with a touch of 'Brightness' applied. However this was my doing as they just print what you send them, so I should have brightened the picture myself before uploading it to their website. I suppose this is 'live and learn' as next time I will make sure that my picture is perfect before sending it!!
Overall: For complete ease of being on top of things in the run up to Christmas this scores highly! Us mums have to juggle everything at Christmas time and writing out cards takes a whole evening and is a bit laborious. Having them printed like this takes the hassle out of it and I think my family and friends will really love these cards as they are so personal! They make a great keepsake for your child's 'memory box' for when they are older!!

BTW - Baby Cards have developed a FREE GALLERY so their customers can personalise and print themselves. My cards were a paid item but there are freebies here:

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