From Gym Bunnies to Gym Slobbies!

Eew! Some people at my gym are rank! It really gives you an insight to human behaviour when other people think no-one will ever know what they are up to!!

Today I was swimming when I saw this man exit the steam room with a razor in his hand! What was he doing in there? Shaving his chest?! Whilst I can see the logic of doing your personal grooming whilst in a state of 'opened pore' and blissful relaxation, this wasn't his own private steam room - it was a public one that everyone else has to use too! I know I don't want to go accidentally sit on his offcuts - I like to keep my own excess hair to a minimum!!

And last week when I went in the showers, someone had thrown a tampon wrapper on the floor! I mean, at least it wasn't a used tampon, but why let us all know that you have put a tampon in whilst in the shower?! Why not take your litter with you so other users of the shower can be blissfully unaware?! Gross!

The irony is, everyone working out at the gym has on the latest sports gear - designer names, no holes in their sweatshirts like Rocky Balboa in the first movie when he was broke! So why be so appearance conscious in the main gym then treat the changing areas like your personal bathroom?!

It is one of my bugbears - when people don't take their litter with them. I don't just mean at the gym with their stray hairs, empty shampoo bottles and tampon wrappers. It also bugs me when I see people throwing litter out of their open car windows. I have beeped at cars in front before now for doing this, and I've also pulled up teenage boys to put their thrown debris in the bin when I've seen them chuck it down the street before. It is really that much effort to put your 'in car' litter onto the passenger's footwell on the floor until you get home? It's not like you have to carry it round in your hands when you are in a car.

Maybe I'm just a grumpy thirty-something woman but it bugged me when I was 18 too! I'll be going back to the gym next week - I just hope that no-one pees in the showers!!

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  1. Professor of DeminologyOctober 26, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    You are such an old woman! I am too - in the pre-baby days when I used to go to the gym, I was always complaining to the manager about the state of our changing rooms. One blob of shampoo on the wall was there for years. And the stupid cleaner made it worse - feather-dusting the mucky lockers when I was in the showers, so that I came out and walked into a cloud of revolting dust. I can't go the gym any more so I go running instead - proper outdoor mud and horse poo is nowhere near as disgusting as tampons and other people's stinking hairs :D

    Also, old-man-Philip told off some youngsters for riding their bikes in front of the entrance to a shopping centre the other day - and as they were walking away, he shouted, 'And pull your trousers up!' To be fair, they grudgingly obeyed ...

  2. LOL Professor! Your comment made me laugh!
    I am indeed being a grumpy old woman!! But I love how Philip told some teenage boys to "pull your trousers up"! and they did it!!
    Over the weekend we were in McDonalds car park when some teenagers came out throwing their McFlurry's at each other. I opened my door and said "Not near my car please", and the teenager in question actually said "Sorry"! It made me smile- just 20 short years ago I would have been the one throwing ice cream! How times change!!


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