You'll be Seeing Less of Me in Future!

I've always been a fashion lover but some fashions don't love me! Well, my 'womanly' figure is sometimes too much for what I want to wear, but I wasn't having any of that for a recent family wedding!

Busty girls will back me up here - If I've been shopping and a top doesn't button up, I just say "Well, I'm too much of a woman for it!' but at the wedding of my Brother in Law, I wanted to wear a gorgeous purple dress I'd seen in Monsoon, and there was NO WAY I'd buy the size 20. I've been losing weight from being a size 24 at my largest, so I had my sights set on the size 18 and this was going to be my target.

Here is how the dress fit a couple of months ago! Note the side zip that doesn't fit!

...and hallelujah! Here is how it zipped after months of slogging at the gym!

People around me knew that I was on a mission, and were asking me how I'd progressed. I went from saying the dress fabric either side of the zip was 3 inches apart - this was when I bought the dress, to "No, I still have about an inch left to go". I was quite relaxed for a while as I knew I was making progress. I could feel my body toning up and I looked better in the mirror, but as the big day grew nearer I started to worry a little when a month before I was still not in the dress!

I started to formulate a 'Plan B' of what I'd do if I couldn't make it, and whilst doing this I stepped up my gym activity. I started using the punch-bag as well as the treadmill, and working with hand weights. The problem was my boobs- I had slimmed down everywhere else - the dress fitted my waist and hips, but my boobs still wouldn't squash up enough to get the zip up! The only problem is that boobs are fat, not muscle so there were no specific exercises I could do to tone them!

My plan B involved booking an inch loss body wrap to try to minimise my bust, if this didn't work, I was going to get a minimiser bra, if that didn't work I was going to go bra-less and told people I'd squash them under my armpits if I had to! My last resort would be to go back to Monsoon and swop the dress for the larger size (I'd left the tags on) but that would have been very disappointing.

As it happens, I got into the dress 5 days before the inch loss wrap so when I went for the wrap, I could just enjoy it for the relaxation! Result!

This is me at the family wedding:

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