Review: Little Me Organics Gift Set

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Product Name: Little Me 'Sweet Dreams' Collection by Little Me Organics
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Price: £15.00
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Bathing baby is one of the most pleasurable aspects of parental care. It’s not just about cleansing, it’s about bonding, pampering and having heaps of fun with your little one and Little Me Organics love having fun. The ranges use organic essential oils with no synthetic fragrances and they worked with a well known aromatherapist to create the ranges.
Initial Thoughts: The gift set included products from the 'Sleepy Head' range, and contained organic lavender and dill to help relax the baby. It was beautifully presented within the gift box, and the pack contained a bath milk, a hair & body wash, a lovely light body cream, a face cloth and a rubber ducky for the bath!
I Liked: I always love products that do more than one thing, so it wasn't just a bath milk, it was a bath milk that contained soothing essential oils so it smelled nice and created a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom - plus the bath milk has a 'no bubbles' formula so this is more suited to a relaxing bathtime rather than a playful one! I also loved the body cream which was light and easily absorbed so it was easy to get onto a squirming child! My 3YO son said "Ooh! This is comfy!" when I was rubbing it into him, so I think he liked it!!
I wasn't Keen: There weren't any downsides to these products. I think they did the job they were supposed to do and were attractive enough containers to warrant being on display and not in my under sink cupboard!
Overall: A really nice range of products and when bought as a gift set - I thought they represented excellent value for money! At just £15, this would make a very nice gift for someone!

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  1. This gift collection is really very unique and I think I must go ahead to have it. I really enjoyed reading this post. It is very pleasurable. Thanks for this nice sharing.

  2. You're welcome Singapore Florist!
    Enjoy your new purchase.


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