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Product Name: I tried items from the Presence de Bach range from Les Fleurs de Bach
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Price: Soothing Bath Salts £17.50; Moisturising Body Lotion £24.50; Prescence de Bach Perfume Spray 50ml £44.50
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Les Fleurs de Bach is the world's most extensive range of beauty and well being products based on Back Flowers and it is now available in the UK. The range includes the first perfumes to incorporate exclusive blends of organic Bach Flower essences, specially designed to increase harmony and vitality.
Initial Thoughts: I could tell this was a premium brand when I opened the parcel to find my body lotion, bath salts and a sample vial of the Eau de Parfum. They were packaged beautifully and the body lotion box even had cellophane round it which reminded me of how a perfume is presented when you buy it in-store! The appearance of the products were very 'clean' and 'authoritative' whilst looking really trendy in my bathroom!
I Liked: The bath salts reminded me of when I was young, as I haven't really used salts for a while. It was a comforting, familiar feeling which was nice, and they completely dissolved in the bath so I didn't have that odd 'fizzing up the bum' syndrome which you can get with cheaper bath salts!! The body lotion was nice and creamy in texture without being too thick so it was easy to rub in to my skin and smelled gorgeous! Out of all the three products I tried, the body lotion has to be my favourite! I also liked that these products are based on Bach Flowers so as well as being nice bath products, they multi task and work to help calm you down and make you feel tranquil as well! The Presence de Bach that I tried is a relaxing range and the perfume is designed to help me feel in tune with myself!
I wasn't Keen: The only thing that I was disappointed in was that the perfume didn't seem to last long. It is a subtle scent in any case, but I thought it had worn off by lunchtime, although it is hard to smell a scent on yourself, so it could have still been there!
Overall: This range would make a lovely gift for the lady who has everything. The products are pleasingly luxurious whilst looking modern and I really loved that the products have the extra benefit of being calming with their roots in the Bach Flowers family. All in all, worth investing in.

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