The Posh Dress Shop Where You Crawl to the Loo!

The day I was 're-born' was when I went to choose the 'bling' for my recent family wedding. We were all planning on getting fascinators - all the women wanted to look fab, so we headed for the local independent fashion boutique to get kitted out.

This place is called Diva and sells original and high end fashion that is suitable for the local 'ladies who lunch'. The women who run the place are warm and friendly and you can't have any airs and graces if you are going to shop there - true to Yorkshire women, they are all down to earth!

I learned this when I needed to take my 3YO son to the loo. The place is stocked to the rafters and every bit of hanging space has something on it - yes, even the door frames! So to get to the loo we had to get on our hands and knees and crawl through 2 'box rooms' to reach the toilet, under all the dresses! I did laugh - how many other clothing shops can offer such an experience?

One of the assistants said it was like being 'reborn' - I had to agree!

Here is the fascinator I got to match my dress:

Hmmm - in this picture I look a little like a birds nest but I promise - I ROCKED!

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