My Haul of Pasta!

Here is 6 month's supply of pasta that I won at Cybermummy 2010!

This was the start of my winning streak! After this I won tickets to London Fashion Weekend from Vodafone VIP plan, then a tenner on the lottery, then I won a prize from Enterprise Nation and PayPal of £100 to spend on moving my business forwards, and after this my children won some Body Shop goodies and toys at the tombola at a local fete!

It has made me want to enter more competitions - after all, someone has to win! I can see why 'comping' is addictive! I found a great blog by a comper recently- check out Superlucky!

I hope you like my blog. I feel like a party host and you are my guests so it's important to me that you feel welcome! Do follow this blog so I know who my guests are! Your support really makes a difference. x

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