I've Always Been a Rock Chick so "Choc N Roll"is My Kinda Cereal!

As it's National Breakfast Week, I was sent a new cereal to try from Kelloggs which I was very excited about! I was told that they want to get real mums input on the new cereal before it was released, and I could put what I thought onto their special consumer website, so I agreed to try it out!

The cereal came in this box:

I hyped up the kids by telling them that because we were one of the first in the country to try this, the box hadn't even been designed yet! Then I opened it to find the 'real' box! ha ha The kids were amazed at my 'magic' - I can create a colourful box out of a white one!

I didn't know the name of the new cereal until I removed the white sleeve, but we were all pleased to see the familiar 'Coco Pops' monkey. Both my children love Coco Pops - my son most of all, he's a chocolate monster, so both kids already liked the product before they tried it. Their first tastes were positive - my son ate two bowls and I have to confess, I did too! I liked how the cereal didn't taste as sweet as coco pops, so it would be a good 'adult' cereal too!

But when I read the press release that came with it, I was especially pleased to see that Kellogs had been working hard to reduce the salt, sugar and fat content, and increasing vitamins, iron, fibre etc - this meant that I could feel good about feeding it to them.

This week is the first week back at school for my kids, and the schools literature each year at this time reminds us about the importance of a good breakfast for their concentration and energy levels. This cereal has been made especially for children and I know my children like it! To learn more about this cereal, check out www.chocknroll.co.uk Plus, Kellogg's has worked with a charilty called ContinYou for over 10 years to develop more than 450 school breakfast clubs, serving 1 million extra breakfasts per year! You can check out if you have a breakfast club near you at the Kellogg's website, here.

Now I have a treat for you all! Kellogg's is putting up a competition for readers of this blog! One main winner will get the hamper pictured above and six runners up will receive a National Breakfast Week branded bowl and a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes!

** NOTE: This competition is now closed as of 10th September 2010**
To be in with a chance of winning, just add a comment to this post with your email address and your answer to this question:

Which of the following is correct:
A) Special A
B) Special K
C) Special J

The winners will be selected at random from the comments received and will be emailed with instructions on how to claim your prize, which will be posted to you from Kellogg's. This contest stays open until 10am on Friday 10th September so comment now!! Good luck guys!! **Competition Closed**

Oh! And before you go, check out this YouTube video that Kelloggs produced to show what could happen if you don't make time for breakfast! Its done in a kind of 'Sliding Doors' style and reminds me a bit of the Lynx ads - you know the ones, where the guy gets the girl in the end. Its quite amusing if you can get past the crotch grab shot during the first 10 seconds!! Enjoy!!


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  1. The answer is C - I would love the hamper, hey no I need the hamper, as my tea pot broke this week and I have a mini that doesnt do breakfast very easily. So please choose me

  2. hehe Thanks Mad House!
    Your entry is in the hat and the comp is chosen on Friday! Best of luck! Nadine x

  3. The answer is B - Special K. The hamper looks mint - I may even get all posh if I won and arrange breakfast items on the table like they do on the ads instead of throwing a bit of toast at each child while I run round the kitchen like a woman possessed trying to get ready for school/work/nursery etc! (Actually I have a feeling that even with the hamper I still may do the running around bit!).

  4. The answer is B) Special K

    I would LOVE this hamper! I am so obsessive about my four children having a healthy breakfast to start the day so I'm delighted to hear that Kelloggs are working on the nutritional content of their foods :)

  5. The answer is B) Special K
    The hamper looks amazing :)

  6. Lovely prize! The answer is B. Special K!

  7. Thank you everyone! The contest is now closed. All winners will be emailed! Nadine

  8. Hi all commenters! You ALL won! Yay!
    I have been in touch with most of you to tell you how to claim the prize, but please can Jenny and Vonnie Sandlan email me on timemanagementmum (at) gmail dot com so I can get the prize sorted?
    I need your postal address and phone number then Kelloggs will send!
    Thanks all
    Nadine x


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