Garfield's Pet Force- Movie Review & Competition

**This is a Review Post**

Name: Garfield's Pet Force Movie
More Details: Out in cinemas 1st October, on DVD from 18th October
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Everyone’s favourite lasagne-loving feline is back! Garfield and his friends Odie, Nermal, Arlene and John star in GARFIELD’S PET FORCE 3D, a hilarious 3D animated adventure which is out to buy on DVD from 18th October. This 3D DVD release includes 4 free pairs of 3D glasses so kids and their friends can enjoy Garfield’s fun-filled tale together during the half term holidays!
Initial Thoughts: I sat to watch this with my two children, my 7YO girl and my 3YO boy. They are both Garfield fans and we have several of the other movies at home, so I knew they'd be up for watching this! The plot of the story involves a 'super-hero' Garfield called "Garzooka" who is on the side of good and faces the evil Vetvix who turns people into mindless zombies. It was peppered with funny one liners that made me laugh but overall the kids loved watching it which is what matters.
I Liked: There were some funny lines that catered to my humour but the main audience of this film - the kids, were enthralled!
I wasn't Keen: I asked my children afterwards, what they thought. I said "Was it a good film?" to which my daughter replied "It was a short film"! It was about one and a half hours, but I think she wanted more! My 3YO son was a bit scared in places, especially when the villains were around, but he was ok after a cuddle from mum!
Overall: An entertaining family film. I won't watch it again but my kids will and it's fun to have it in 3D!

Here is the Trailer Download

I have 5 copies of Garfield's FUN FEST DVD for competition prizes! To be in with a chance of winning, leave a comment below to tell me what Garfield's favourite food is, and also leave a way of contacting you! I will post a DVD to the UK only so no overseas entries please! Good luck! **This contest is now closed**

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  1. Aha I know this one, as it is MAdDads fav food too - Lasagne

  2. Thanks for your entry Mad House!
    Hang fire, I'm collecting more entries and will administer the comp soon!


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