Crash, Bang and Wallop!

They say accidents come in threes... Well I can vouch for this after my "Summer of Smashes!" ... and before you start avoiding the roads when I get in the car, I have to say- two of them were not my fault! (and the one that was, involves my car and a wheely bin!)

The first smash happened on the motorway. I was driving along the M62 on my way home from a relaxing afternoon at the spa (the irony!) and the rush hour traffic was backing up to a stage where it was crawling along on all three lanes, stop- start, stop -start.

I'd just pulled up behind the one in front of me and put my handbrake on, when a second later **SMASH** I was hit from behind! The girl driving had a crying kid in the car who had distracted her which meant she lost concentration temporarily. No-one was hurt so we swopped insurance details and I ended up having to get a new rear bumper installed as mine had cracked.

Whilst my car was in the garage, I got a courtesy car- a brand new Renault Grand Scenic- very nice, had the new car smell and everything! But this is the frustrating thing - I was doing the school run and reversing into my driveway and because I wasn't familiar with the car's dimensions and length, and the kids were nattering and distracting me, I ended up reversing into the wheely bin!

The crappy £40 council wheely bin!

I got out to check that nothing had marked the hire car and was amazed to see it had caused a large dent in the bodywork of the car! It was like tin foil! If I had done this in my car, it wouldn't have even made a scuff! My car is a 54 plate and built like a tank! Apparently newer cars are made with this 'easy dent' bodywork because it is a softer landing for a pedestrian if you hit them with the car! (I mean likelihood, please!)

So this was accident number two - costing me a £150 excess fine (I was gutted as this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been hit and in a strange car in the first place!)

Anyway, I got my car back- with fresh new rear bumper and we went about our daily business. A week later we were 'staycationing' in the UK on a weeks' holiday, and we were driving to The Cotswolds which is a 3 hour drive from home. At our first stop at the Motorway Service Station on the M1, we were parked up and getting a change of clothes out of the boot for our son (3YO) who couldn't wait for the loo and had wet himself, when suddenly the car jumped back at us - as if we hadn't put the handbrake on!

When we went to the front, it wasn't that we had not applied the handbrake (we had!) but someone had smashed into our FRONT bumper - whilst they were trying to park in the spot next to us!! Unbelievable! I'd only just got the car back from the repairer and now it had to go in again!

Accidents come in threes and at least mine are all done now! I got back my car yesterday and am actually relieved to be back in it and not in a hire car. I got a new Astra for the courtesy car the second time it went in and this was quite an easy drive, but I still couldn't relax when reversing and definitely nowhere near my wheely bins!

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