Garfield's Pet Force- Movie Review & Competition

**This is a Review Post**

Name: Garfield's Pet Force Movie
More Details: Out in cinemas 1st October, on DVD from 18th October
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Everyone’s favourite lasagne-loving feline is back! Garfield and his friends Odie, Nermal, Arlene and John star in GARFIELD’S PET FORCE 3D, a hilarious 3D animated adventure which is out to buy on DVD from 18th October. This 3D DVD release includes 4 free pairs of 3D glasses so kids and their friends can enjoy Garfield’s fun-filled tale together during the half term holidays!
Initial Thoughts: I sat to watch this with my two children, my 7YO girl and my 3YO boy. They are both Garfield fans and we have several of the other movies at home, so I knew they'd be up for watching this! The plot of the story involves a 'super-hero' Garfield called "Garzooka" who is on the side of good and faces the evil Vetvix who turns people into mindless zombies. It was peppered with funny one liners that made me laugh but overall the kids loved watching it which is what matters.
I Liked: There were some funny lines that catered to my humour but the main audience of this film - the kids, were enthralled!
I wasn't Keen: I asked my children afterwards, what they thought. I said "Was it a good film?" to which my daughter replied "It was a short film"! It was about one and a half hours, but I think she wanted more! My 3YO son was a bit scared in places, especially when the villains were around, but he was ok after a cuddle from mum!
Overall: An entertaining family film. I won't watch it again but my kids will and it's fun to have it in 3D!

Here is the Trailer Download

I have 5 copies of Garfield's FUN FEST DVD for competition prizes! To be in with a chance of winning, leave a comment below to tell me what Garfield's favourite food is, and also leave a way of contacting you! I will post a DVD to the UK only so no overseas entries please! Good luck! **This contest is now closed**

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Review: Little Me Organics Gift Set

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: Little Me 'Sweet Dreams' Collection by Little Me Organics
Buy Online Here:
Price: £15.00
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Bathing baby is one of the most pleasurable aspects of parental care. It’s not just about cleansing, it’s about bonding, pampering and having heaps of fun with your little one and Little Me Organics love having fun. The ranges use organic essential oils with no synthetic fragrances and they worked with a well known aromatherapist to create the ranges.
Initial Thoughts: The gift set included products from the 'Sleepy Head' range, and contained organic lavender and dill to help relax the baby. It was beautifully presented within the gift box, and the pack contained a bath milk, a hair & body wash, a lovely light body cream, a face cloth and a rubber ducky for the bath!
I Liked: I always love products that do more than one thing, so it wasn't just a bath milk, it was a bath milk that contained soothing essential oils so it smelled nice and created a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom - plus the bath milk has a 'no bubbles' formula so this is more suited to a relaxing bathtime rather than a playful one! I also loved the body cream which was light and easily absorbed so it was easy to get onto a squirming child! My 3YO son said "Ooh! This is comfy!" when I was rubbing it into him, so I think he liked it!!
I wasn't Keen: There weren't any downsides to these products. I think they did the job they were supposed to do and were attractive enough containers to warrant being on display and not in my under sink cupboard!
Overall: A really nice range of products and when bought as a gift set - I thought they represented excellent value for money! At just £15, this would make a very nice gift for someone!

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"They Didn't Have Playboy in My Day!"

The kids were looking through the toy-box at Grandma's when my daughter found this wooden toy. Asking Grandma what it was, my mum replied "It's a whip and top, this is what we played with in my day".

She went on..."We didn't have computers and Playboy's when I was your age!"

I said... "Mum, my kids don't have Playboy's now!"

She meant Gameboys - the handheld games console!

Mum - you are funny!

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Review: Les Fleurs de Bach

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: I tried items from the Presence de Bach range from Les Fleurs de Bach
Buy Online Here:
Price: Soothing Bath Salts £17.50; Moisturising Body Lotion £24.50; Prescence de Bach Perfume Spray 50ml £44.50
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Les Fleurs de Bach is the world's most extensive range of beauty and well being products based on Back Flowers and it is now available in the UK. The range includes the first perfumes to incorporate exclusive blends of organic Bach Flower essences, specially designed to increase harmony and vitality.
Initial Thoughts: I could tell this was a premium brand when I opened the parcel to find my body lotion, bath salts and a sample vial of the Eau de Parfum. They were packaged beautifully and the body lotion box even had cellophane round it which reminded me of how a perfume is presented when you buy it in-store! The appearance of the products were very 'clean' and 'authoritative' whilst looking really trendy in my bathroom!
I Liked: The bath salts reminded me of when I was young, as I haven't really used salts for a while. It was a comforting, familiar feeling which was nice, and they completely dissolved in the bath so I didn't have that odd 'fizzing up the bum' syndrome which you can get with cheaper bath salts!! The body lotion was nice and creamy in texture without being too thick so it was easy to rub in to my skin and smelled gorgeous! Out of all the three products I tried, the body lotion has to be my favourite! I also liked that these products are based on Bach Flowers so as well as being nice bath products, they multi task and work to help calm you down and make you feel tranquil as well! The Presence de Bach that I tried is a relaxing range and the perfume is designed to help me feel in tune with myself!
I wasn't Keen: The only thing that I was disappointed in was that the perfume didn't seem to last long. It is a subtle scent in any case, but I thought it had worn off by lunchtime, although it is hard to smell a scent on yourself, so it could have still been there!
Overall: This range would make a lovely gift for the lady who has everything. The products are pleasingly luxurious whilst looking modern and I really loved that the products have the extra benefit of being calming with their roots in the Bach Flowers family. All in all, worth investing in.

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My Haul of Pasta!

Here is 6 month's supply of pasta that I won at Cybermummy 2010!

This was the start of my winning streak! After this I won tickets to London Fashion Weekend from Vodafone VIP plan, then a tenner on the lottery, then I won a prize from Enterprise Nation and PayPal of £100 to spend on moving my business forwards, and after this my children won some Body Shop goodies and toys at the tombola at a local fete!

It has made me want to enter more competitions - after all, someone has to win! I can see why 'comping' is addictive! I found a great blog by a comper recently- check out Superlucky!

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Crash, Bang and Wallop!

They say accidents come in threes... Well I can vouch for this after my "Summer of Smashes!" ... and before you start avoiding the roads when I get in the car, I have to say- two of them were not my fault! (and the one that was, involves my car and a wheely bin!)

The first smash happened on the motorway. I was driving along the M62 on my way home from a relaxing afternoon at the spa (the irony!) and the rush hour traffic was backing up to a stage where it was crawling along on all three lanes, stop- start, stop -start.

I'd just pulled up behind the one in front of me and put my handbrake on, when a second later **SMASH** I was hit from behind! The girl driving had a crying kid in the car who had distracted her which meant she lost concentration temporarily. No-one was hurt so we swopped insurance details and I ended up having to get a new rear bumper installed as mine had cracked.

Whilst my car was in the garage, I got a courtesy car- a brand new Renault Grand Scenic- very nice, had the new car smell and everything! But this is the frustrating thing - I was doing the school run and reversing into my driveway and because I wasn't familiar with the car's dimensions and length, and the kids were nattering and distracting me, I ended up reversing into the wheely bin!

The crappy £40 council wheely bin!

I got out to check that nothing had marked the hire car and was amazed to see it had caused a large dent in the bodywork of the car! It was like tin foil! If I had done this in my car, it wouldn't have even made a scuff! My car is a 54 plate and built like a tank! Apparently newer cars are made with this 'easy dent' bodywork because it is a softer landing for a pedestrian if you hit them with the car! (I mean likelihood, please!)

So this was accident number two - costing me a £150 excess fine (I was gutted as this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been hit and in a strange car in the first place!)

Anyway, I got my car back- with fresh new rear bumper and we went about our daily business. A week later we were 'staycationing' in the UK on a weeks' holiday, and we were driving to The Cotswolds which is a 3 hour drive from home. At our first stop at the Motorway Service Station on the M1, we were parked up and getting a change of clothes out of the boot for our son (3YO) who couldn't wait for the loo and had wet himself, when suddenly the car jumped back at us - as if we hadn't put the handbrake on!

When we went to the front, it wasn't that we had not applied the handbrake (we had!) but someone had smashed into our FRONT bumper - whilst they were trying to park in the spot next to us!! Unbelievable! I'd only just got the car back from the repairer and now it had to go in again!

Accidents come in threes and at least mine are all done now! I got back my car yesterday and am actually relieved to be back in it and not in a hire car. I got a new Astra for the courtesy car the second time it went in and this was quite an easy drive, but I still couldn't relax when reversing and definitely nowhere near my wheely bins!

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The Posh Dress Shop Where You Crawl to the Loo!

The day I was 're-born' was when I went to choose the 'bling' for my recent family wedding. We were all planning on getting fascinators - all the women wanted to look fab, so we headed for the local independent fashion boutique to get kitted out.

This place is called Diva and sells original and high end fashion that is suitable for the local 'ladies who lunch'. The women who run the place are warm and friendly and you can't have any airs and graces if you are going to shop there - true to Yorkshire women, they are all down to earth!

I learned this when I needed to take my 3YO son to the loo. The place is stocked to the rafters and every bit of hanging space has something on it - yes, even the door frames! So to get to the loo we had to get on our hands and knees and crawl through 2 'box rooms' to reach the toilet, under all the dresses! I did laugh - how many other clothing shops can offer such an experience?

One of the assistants said it was like being 'reborn' - I had to agree!

Here is the fascinator I got to match my dress:

Hmmm - in this picture I look a little like a birds nest but I promise - I ROCKED!

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I've Always Been a Rock Chick so "Choc N Roll"is My Kinda Cereal!

As it's National Breakfast Week, I was sent a new cereal to try from Kelloggs which I was very excited about! I was told that they want to get real mums input on the new cereal before it was released, and I could put what I thought onto their special consumer website, so I agreed to try it out!

The cereal came in this box:

I hyped up the kids by telling them that because we were one of the first in the country to try this, the box hadn't even been designed yet! Then I opened it to find the 'real' box! ha ha The kids were amazed at my 'magic' - I can create a colourful box out of a white one!

I didn't know the name of the new cereal until I removed the white sleeve, but we were all pleased to see the familiar 'Coco Pops' monkey. Both my children love Coco Pops - my son most of all, he's a chocolate monster, so both kids already liked the product before they tried it. Their first tastes were positive - my son ate two bowls and I have to confess, I did too! I liked how the cereal didn't taste as sweet as coco pops, so it would be a good 'adult' cereal too!

But when I read the press release that came with it, I was especially pleased to see that Kellogs had been working hard to reduce the salt, sugar and fat content, and increasing vitamins, iron, fibre etc - this meant that I could feel good about feeding it to them.

This week is the first week back at school for my kids, and the schools literature each year at this time reminds us about the importance of a good breakfast for their concentration and energy levels. This cereal has been made especially for children and I know my children like it! To learn more about this cereal, check out Plus, Kellogg's has worked with a charilty called ContinYou for over 10 years to develop more than 450 school breakfast clubs, serving 1 million extra breakfasts per year! You can check out if you have a breakfast club near you at the Kellogg's website, here.

Now I have a treat for you all! Kellogg's is putting up a competition for readers of this blog! One main winner will get the hamper pictured above and six runners up will receive a National Breakfast Week branded bowl and a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes!

** NOTE: This competition is now closed as of 10th September 2010**
To be in with a chance of winning, just add a comment to this post with your email address and your answer to this question:

Which of the following is correct:
A) Special A
B) Special K
C) Special J

The winners will be selected at random from the comments received and will be emailed with instructions on how to claim your prize, which will be posted to you from Kellogg's. This contest stays open until 10am on Friday 10th September so comment now!! Good luck guys!! **Competition Closed**

Oh! And before you go, check out this YouTube video that Kelloggs produced to show what could happen if you don't make time for breakfast! Its done in a kind of 'Sliding Doors' style and reminds me a bit of the Lynx ads - you know the ones, where the guy gets the girl in the end. Its quite amusing if you can get past the crotch grab shot during the first 10 seconds!! Enjoy!!

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You'll be Seeing Less of Me in Future!

I've always been a fashion lover but some fashions don't love me! Well, my 'womanly' figure is sometimes too much for what I want to wear, but I wasn't having any of that for a recent family wedding!

Busty girls will back me up here - If I've been shopping and a top doesn't button up, I just say "Well, I'm too much of a woman for it!' but at the wedding of my Brother in Law, I wanted to wear a gorgeous purple dress I'd seen in Monsoon, and there was NO WAY I'd buy the size 20. I've been losing weight from being a size 24 at my largest, so I had my sights set on the size 18 and this was going to be my target.

Here is how the dress fit a couple of months ago! Note the side zip that doesn't fit!

...and hallelujah! Here is how it zipped after months of slogging at the gym!

People around me knew that I was on a mission, and were asking me how I'd progressed. I went from saying the dress fabric either side of the zip was 3 inches apart - this was when I bought the dress, to "No, I still have about an inch left to go". I was quite relaxed for a while as I knew I was making progress. I could feel my body toning up and I looked better in the mirror, but as the big day grew nearer I started to worry a little when a month before I was still not in the dress!

I started to formulate a 'Plan B' of what I'd do if I couldn't make it, and whilst doing this I stepped up my gym activity. I started using the punch-bag as well as the treadmill, and working with hand weights. The problem was my boobs- I had slimmed down everywhere else - the dress fitted my waist and hips, but my boobs still wouldn't squash up enough to get the zip up! The only problem is that boobs are fat, not muscle so there were no specific exercises I could do to tone them!

My plan B involved booking an inch loss body wrap to try to minimise my bust, if this didn't work, I was going to get a minimiser bra, if that didn't work I was going to go bra-less and told people I'd squash them under my armpits if I had to! My last resort would be to go back to Monsoon and swop the dress for the larger size (I'd left the tags on) but that would have been very disappointing.

As it happens, I got into the dress 5 days before the inch loss wrap so when I went for the wrap, I could just enjoy it for the relaxation! Result!

This is me at the family wedding:

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