Review: Earth Friendly Kids Toiletries

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: Earth Friendly Kids, available from selected Waitrose stores and good baby and health stores
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Price: The range starts at £2.49
Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Building on the success of Earth Friendly Baby, this mild, gentle, PH balanced range contains carefully chosen certified organic ingredients that are plant derived and food-grade preservatives (for safety). The line up is also animal testing free, free of artificial colouring, synthetic fragrance, sodium lauryl/laureth and parabens, auitable for vegans and Vegetarian Society approved.
Initial Thoughts: I was sent the Earth Friendly Kids Minty Lavender Body Lotion and the Earth Friendly Kids Bubblebath in Minty Lavender to try and thought the packaging was clean looking. I liked the Superhero characters on the label but my kids weren't as impressed! I was trying to get them excited about the Superheroes but they were just cranky. However this is probably due to the fact that we bathe just before bed so they were tired!
I Liked: The Minty Lavender Bubble Bath smelled gorgeous when I opened the bottle and you can see by the picture that I have already used quite a lot of this before writing this post! I do like lavender in a kids bedtime bath because I think it calms them and plus it smells nice to me too! I also liked how on the packaging, each Superhero gave a tip for being 'green' like "always put rubbish in a bin as some animals may think its food and become ill eating it" or "Use a regular bag for shopping instead of getting new plastic bags each time"
I wasn't Keen: I thought that the Minty Lavender Body Lotion smelled a bit 'plastiky' although of course there are no synthetic fragrances used. This was a shame because it would have been good to 'lotion up' the kids after bathtime to keep their skin soft and again, soothe them into 'sleep mode' but the smell put me off.
Overall: The kids bubble bath was great and I would buy this again, however it would only be as a treat as I found the range a little pricey, given what I could pay for children's bubble bath in the supermarket. The bubble bath product I was sent is priced £3.99 and the body lotion £4.99.

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