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Product Name: Total Effects Wake Up Wonder by OLAY
Buy Online Here: www.Olay.co.uk
Price: £13.99
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Top Marks!

The blurb: According to their magazine advert in this month's SHE Magazine, Total Effects Wake Up Wonder has 7 age defying effects in a new formula, with mint extract, to smooth out the appearances of creases and wake up tired looking skin. Sounds awesome doesn't it?! As a busy mum of two, I need a boost on a morning to get me looking awake so I was excited to try out this moisturiser.
Initial Thoughts: Having used the Olay range in the past I had some expectations, so at first glance this bottle seemed smaller than other Olay products I've used. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - I like compact products to take to the gym so I'm not lugging round my whole bathroom cabinet, but I did wonder if I'd been sent a 'trial size' to try. When I was at the supermarket the next day I checked and my bottle appeared to be a full size, so maybe this compact size packs a bigger punch?! Also because of the pale golden colour of the bottle, it reminded me of moisturisers that contain sunless tanner, and I wondered if this was how they would get me looking wide awake! By secretly giving me a fake tan glow! However I read the box and the bottle but couldn't see any evidence of sunless tanner in this product.
I Liked: I really liked the design of the bottle. Neat and compact. it had a press spray top (like the kind of dispensers you get on hand-wash) which meant I could just dispense the amount I needed and I didn't have to put my fingers into the jar to get the moisturiser out. I always think it is more hygienic to get the product without having to touch what's left in the bottle in case you have oil on your hands. The smell of the product was pleasant and it went on really smoothly and evenly.
I wasn't Keen: I honestly can't say I was disappointed with anything which is why this moisturiser has top marks from me!
Overall: This is a lovely moisturiser but I especially like how Olay says it has 7 age defying effects from brightening me up in general to gentle exfoliation and tone enhancement. I feel like I'm treating my skin well by using this moisturiser and price wise it is reasonable for what you get. As I get older (mid thirties now!) I am starting to look after what I have, and before this one, I used a YSL Top Secrets moisturiser which was equally as good but cost more than twice as much!

I had just purchased a new night cream which was Olay Anti Wrinkle Night Cream which is on BOGOFF at Superdrug so I got two for £9.99, and I do like to use the same manufacturer for my whole skincare regime so now I'm using the Wake Up Wonder on a morning and for now I'm all sorted!

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