...I just wanted to use this title!! (hehe!)

But my daughter made me proud yet again today! She created a 'book' out of A4 writing paper and designed a front cover. Then she put Author - and her name on the cover, and wrote a story inside - along the "Once upon a time" theme.

Then she created a sign to say "Book - 10p" and she was holding it at the living room window! I asked what she was up to and she showed me - we don't get much 'passing trade' on the street, especially as it was 8pm at night so I told her I wanted to buy her book myself!

This is her book:

Bless her - she is a born entrepreneur. I'm glad that my children are learning from their environment. Always open to possibilities, willing to get up and do something, unafraid to put themselves out there and take a chance, and can spot a potential opportunity at 50 paces. I have no worries about this one - she is a smart cookie and she has a very proud Mummy!

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