Allow me to Introduce Myself...

I'm Nadine Hill - AKA Juggle Mum.

I have two gorgeous kids - a girl (a mini me) and a boy (a mini 'him'!) and like the Royal Princes, they are my 'heir and my spare'! We spend loads of time together usually involving me as Chief Taxi Driver, but when we're home we love getting into our pyjamas and cuddling on the sofa watching X Factor in the winter or You've Been Framed at all other times! Other faves are Drop Dead Diva and America's Next Top Model and when they have the telly to themselves it usually involves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hannah Montana!

Hubby is a very 'hands on' dad when he's in, but he works a lot so on weekdays it's usually me and the kiddyminsters doing our thing.

More about me:
I run a business from home called The Dream PA and I'm also a writer - having authored my first book in 2009 which went straight to the #1 slot for business books on Amazon on its launch day!
My second book which is a time management guide for writers, bloggers and infopreneurs is coming out in 2011- watch this space! I have to say - I LOVE writing, so no doubt there will be more books in future years!
I'm also a speaker - learn more about this at my 'online CV' site, and I blog here at Juggle Mum quite a bit too!

I write about my busy life, striving for 'me time' (this gets easier with practice!) about things that make my day run more smoothly - products, services and nuggets of information. I also might mention how I was a young, ex fashionista London based girl-about-town who went to the London College of Fashion but nowadays I don't have the wardrobe to prove it!! My labels say 'wash at 30degrees' rather than'MaxMara' (not that I could ever afford that even then - I used to shop in Warehouse!)

Here are the pictures of all of us!

This blog used to be known as 'Time Management Mum' but I refreshed it all in 2011 and now it is the sharper, more modern 'Juggle Mum'!

So this blog is about how I run my show - do leave me a comment as I'd love to hear how you run yours! ...

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  1. Looking forward to the book coming out Nadine - I definitely need better time management in my life! Perhaps I could have a signed copy?!

  2. Hi Sarah
    You can deffo have a signed copy!! We should 'do lunch' and I will sign it then and there!! hehe

    I will put the launch date on Twitter and Facebook once the Publisher and I have sorted things our end!!


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