About Juggle Mum (in photos)

This blog is all about my passions - that is my family, and time management (I know, I'm a freak!)

So here is who I'm talking about when I write about my daughter, my son and my husband.

This is my 'mini me' - she has just moved up to Middle School.

This is my son - he is a 'mini him' - just like his dad! He has just started nursery.

This is the other half - he's a hunka hunka burning love and thinks he's funnier than he actually is but I secretly find him really amusing! We were childhood sweethearts, so I've spent more years with him than I spent without him!

...and this is me - Juggle Mum! I'm Nadine Hill.

The rest of our family are here - Jet and Star!

This is Jet on my daughter's bed:

This is Star on my son's bed:

And just to prove that there really are two of them - here they are in the hall! It can be hard telling them apart but their eyes are different!

Now you've met us, I hope you enjoy this blog! Note: This blog was previously known as 'Time Management Mum' until I got stung! If you remember me as Time Management Mum or have linked to me, it would be great if you could update your blogroll to show 'Juggle Mum'!

If you've read this far we're obviously on the same page! If you are a juggling mum, like time management or just want to read about someone else's ups and downs, I'd love it if you could add me to your blogroll and follow this blog - your support really does make a difference. x


  1. Nice to put faces to names. Now I get the cartoon in your header!

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  3. TMM,

    Thanks. I clicked each of the links on your sitemap and each interface made me smile and learn something new.

    I have two sons. My other half visualizes them in all red, spitting fire and with two little horns.

    I am going to force him to go through this blog and help me manage the house.

    I visit one more website to seek motivation.

    - Nandini

  4. Thanks guys for your comments! It's nice to know there are people 'out there' when I'm blogging!
    Nadine x


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