Those Hazy Summer Days

Remember the movie Grease and the main song - Summer Nights? The story is about a young couple in the last year of High School who fall in love at the beach one summer, and then meet again when they return to the same school?

The song is about "Ooh! Those summer nights!" the long days they spent having fun and just enjoying the moment and being young! Do you remember being at school and loving the upcoming summer holidays with all those lovely unstructured days to see your friends, lay in bed, do a bit of shopping, maybe fall in love?! I used to love the summer break when I was a teenager - not thinking about school or rules, or having to be responsible for anything other than my own social calendar!!

And then as a parent, the school summer holidays have once again come onto my radar. Whilst I was a young 20 something career girl, I kind of forgot about the long summer holidays. I just fell into the 'office workers life' of having maybe a 2 week break somewhere in the scheme of things and odd days here and there to have my down time, but as my now 7YO daughter started to go to main school (not nursery) the subject of summer holidays came up again and I was surprised at how much they were dreaded by the other parents at the school gate.

After having my first long summer holiday with no private day nursery or other childcare to help me entertain her, I could start to see why these mums dreaded the holidays- it was a long period of unstructured time to keep everyone happy whilst carrying on with the other commitments of work and running a home. This is tough. It can seem like a summer holiday to everyone else but the mum!

However as my daughter has grown and I have matured in my outlook, I realise that the kids won't stay small forever. These years are to be cherished, not dreaded, and to be honest, I'd also like to have the warm, fuzzy feelings of looking forward to a long, hot summer again - just like I did when I was 16. But now as an adult and a keen observer of time management and productivity, I can see that many adults have now become set in their mindsets and their ways. Rather than consciously remembering to savour every moment, they are still trying to 'get everything done' whilst I have learned that dropping the balls is not only OK but necessary if you are to just stop and enjoy your life, not just rush through it.

I am looking forward to summer vacation 2010! This one will be the last before my youngest is at nursery, and he is growing up so fast. I don't know what we will do yet but whatever it is will be enjoyed to its fullest. I may even spend some long lazy time sunbathing in the garden whilst the kids bounce on the trampoline!

What are your plans this summer?

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