Shameless Self Promotion!

I realised this week that I've been writing this blog for two whole years whilst also running a business, writing books, doing speaking engagements and being a hands on mum of two young children - and do you know how may times I have plugged my business to the readers of this blog?

Nil, None, Nada!

So I decided it was time for a bit of shameless self promotion and my message is for all the business owners out there who are running things from home.... I can help!

My telephone answering service caters for small businesses in all industries, by putting a full time Receptionist onto the end of their business phone line, so that they don't lose business through missed calls.

My clients are the kitchen table tycoons, the mumpreneurs, the consultants, the trainers, the infopreneurs, the people running businesses from the spare room or converted garage, the mobile businessperson, the young high growth businesses that intend to grow and want the proper support in place, basically if you cannot always answer your phone, you could be losing business and I stop this from happening.

But it's not just the potential missed business that my service can assist with. It can also make your small business appear larger. If you are competing on a commercial playing field, my service can stop your business looking 'home made'. Having a Receptionist take your calls gives a great first impression.

What if it doesn't matter to you if your clients think your company is larger than it is? Okay, so what is important to you? Is it work life balance? Flexibility? Being able to do the school run and still run a serious business?

Tick, tick and tick!! My Virtual Receptionist does all of this. It is how I've been able to run a business whilst still being a Stay at Home Mum / Work at Home Mum. It has helped me to manage my juggling act and is why I'm so passionate about helping other business people to manage their daily juggling act too!

My business is called The Dream PA so if your fancy has been tickled (so to speak!) you can check me out there.

But if you want to use this service and get your first month free, go to: Don't Lose Business.

Thank you for allowing me my soapbox for this blog post! I feel much better now!

Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life. Like my content? I'd be honoured if you added me to your blogroll and followed this blog - your support really does make a difference. x

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