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Product Name: Premier Family Charging Station from Mobile Fun
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Price: £9.99
Star Rating: 3 out of 5

The blurb: Are you forever trying to untangle all of your charger wires or do you keep having to wait for someone else to finish with the wall socket before you can charge your phone? The Premier family charging station takes away all the frustration of trying to charge your phone by giving you 3 extra charging sockets to charge your phones and MP3 players simultaneously.
Initial Thoughts: I was really excited to review this product as I'm a sucker for anything that keeps things nice and neat, plus I like gadgets! When it arrived, I thought it was quite nifty, and a neat, simple design. However I thought that the box it arrived in had a dated photo on the front, as it showed an old fashioned Nokia in the charger. But their website shows the charger with an iPhone in it so that is much more modern! It also just shows how quickly our technology changes that phones that would have looked fine just 3 or 4 years ago now looks clunky and outdated.
I Liked: You store excess cables in the base of the device - LOVE IT!! I really do appreciate good design on a product and something that allows the clutter of tangled cables to be hidden in the frame is a winner with me. I also liked how the phones being charged are positioned upright and facing out so you can see read your time on the screen without having to pick the phone up. Also, you can charge your games console and iPod using the device so it is not limited to one thing.
I wasn't Keen: The 3 adjustable holders are supposed to fit every make and model of phone available but I wanted a BlackBerry 8900 charger and it was a really tight squeeze to get it in. Plus when I did, the arms of the holder pressed against the side buttons on the phone, so it activated my camera function when it was in the charger which I didn't like.
Overall: In our house, we tend to have our phone chargers next to our bedside tables so we put them on charge at night and can set our alarms etc, so we don't really need the Family Charger due to our phone habits. However if you find that your family argues over available wall sockets or is always losing their chargers, this product 'anchors' your homes charging location so everyone gets charged neatly and nothing gets lost! Plus you can use the one switch on the wall to turn off the power for all 3 phones to save electricity which is a bonus. I think this product would be ideal for families with 3 or more children who all have phones.

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