Review: Canvas Wall Art

Look at my latest piece of artwork!

I know diddley squat about brush strokes, famous artists or galleries but if there was one canvas that I'd like to look at again and again - it would be this one of my kids!

I know the picture looks a little cluttered and 'un-posed' but this was taken without my children's knowledge one morning when we were about to get ready to leave for school! I walked round the corner - saw this and quickly retreated for my camera to get the shot!

I think it is so easy these days to rush through life without ever stopping to breathe sometimes, but our children will only be *this age* once! Even over the course of the last two months I can see a massive difference in my two - they have both had a growth spurt and now I have to buy more school uniform for them before September because everything is looking short, so if there is ever a great way to capture these memories of them how they were, getting a canvas print is it!

The quality of this picture from Canvas Dezigns is fab and I was really impressed with the speed of their production and delivery - I placed the order on the Thursday and was signing for the delivery on the following Monday!

If you are like me I bet you have loads of photos stored on your computer, so if you want to freshen up your home decor with a great piece of priceless artwork, check out Canvas Dezigns and readers of this blog also get a 5% discount on their already reasonable prices! Here is Canvas Prints online! Use code OZJJQYFVBGS to get the discount! *This code has now expired*

Happy shopping! Oh! and before you judge the tatty decor of my hallway, I can assure you that it is all nicely painted and wallpapered now!! (this is me being Hyacinth Bouquet for just a second!)

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  1. I love it Thanks for sharing this very detailed, easy to understand guide. Keep up the good work!

  2. You're welcome - the canvas is great - I love it! Nadine

  3. I'm thinking of doing one of these for my new hallway so I clicked on the link, but it doesn't work. I also googled canvas dezigns, but that doesn't work either, are they still in business?

  4. Hi WM
    They are deffo in business - I spoke with them last week. Sorry my link didn't work:(
    But here is their email address so you can contact them!
    Katharine McKee

  5. Thanks, Nadine.

    The link is working now, so it must have been a temporary glitch at their end. May give them a go!

    WM x

  6. *** JUST IN!****
    This is the code to get the 5% discount - OZJJQYFVBGS
    Happy shopping everyone!!

  7. great thanks for the info found it very informative and helpful i love canvas photo ther agreat way to show your memories thanks great site


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