Naughtiness in a Fur Coat!

Have you ever had one of those days when everyone seems to be 'in on the joke' except you?!

Today I went to the supermarket and I really have to concentrate when I'm food shopping. Fashion shopping on the other hand, I find a breeze! I always have the right undies on for trying on what I want, and can 'speed scan' a busy shop in 20 seconds if necessary, but food shopping requires more concentration.

I never know what foods to put with what, I worry that I will forget something and have to go back and it is just overall quite stressful, so when I was loading up my goods on the conveyor (tins and boxes first, eggs, crisps and bread at the end so that my 'light bags' are on top in the trolley!) I was busy concentrating on whether I'd put all the boxes together (so they are easier to pack at the other end when all the stuff is flying through the checkout - I don't like a back-log!) that when the checkout operator spoke to me I was a bit taken aback!

"Have you got naughtiness in a fur coat?" She asked.
"What!" I exclaimed - very surprised. What exactly was she saying?! I thought she was quite 'bolshy and forward'! I mean, was she asking if I'm 'all fur coat and no knickers'?! This is what I was thinking! 'How dare she?!'

I was about to reply, in a suitably 'affronted' tone, when she smiled and said "Have you got naughtiness in a fur coat?", nodding toward the cat food that she'd just scanned!

"Oh!" I smiled, "I see what you mean! Yes, we have 2 naughty fur coats around the house"

When I'm in the supermarket concentrating on the food, I'm in another world!

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  1. Professor of DenimologyJuly 29, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    I hardly ever go to the supermarket and when I do I like to meander around aimlessly for hours! Philip does our shopping and he is so organised that he gets annoyed with me if I write items on the shopping list in the wrong order ... they have to be listed in the order he arrives at them in the shop :S

  2. At least Philip can find the sandwiches!! LOL!


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