It was Cybermummy... and we had fluff on our muff!

Now before you think I'm being pervy - the conversation started innocently enough!

It was lunchtime and I was about to host the table topic of "The Blog Life Balance", a very *serious* (ahem!) and interesting worthy topic don't you agree?! But whilst we were still in the general 'chatter' phase of the lunch, conversation turned to our enormous goody bags and what each stall was giving away.

In the ASDA bag, we were given some cotton wool, breast pads, baby lotion, baby wash, stretch mark cream and various other bits. This becomes relevant later - ASDA supplied the 'fluff'!

Now I don't want to 'out' anybody so I won't say who exactly was at my table, they can comment and reveal themselves if they wish, but we had a pregnant lady there and at one stage the chatter turned to bladder weakness and several of us confessed the benefits of the old Tena lady! (Or maybe this was just me - I can't remember!) But preggers seemed to be having trouble with that issue as we sat there so we suggested she use a breast pad to soak it up! Then someone else said the cotton wool might be better, but I pitched in that that this could result in 'fluff on her fluff'.

One of the bloggers at the opposite side of the table misheard and everyone cracked up when we heard her say "Fluff on her muff!" ...and so the name was born!

Now 'fanny' related jokes may seem childish, but by God they gave us a laugh that day. If you check it out on Twitter - the phrase even has its own hashtag! Admittedly, it has only been used by the few people at the table - it isn't like - trending or anything! But it amused us!

At the days end when we all gathered for the pub quiz, the Mums the Boss girls (who a party isn't complete without!) decided that our team would be called "Fluff on the Muff"!! So the phrase stuck!

Thankfully none of us actually used the cotton wool on the day (that I know of anyway!) but next year - just in case, perhaps Tena Lady would like to give us some samples?!!

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