Review: The Knomo Laptop Range

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fashion lover. I also love quality, colour, sensual fabrics, individuality and a bit of luxury too! So think how bowled over I was to see the new Knomo range of stylish laptop carry cases.

The pink quilted Slim was beautifully made - I loved the plush quilted interior - for those of us who think of our businesses as 'babies', it is like putting my business laptop baby to bed in an exquisitely regal bed - and the bonus is that I look like a business 'babe' when I'm using it!

I loved how the Knomo range are not only beautiful to look at but practical to use - there is substance and design - not one sacrificing the other. It has frustrated me for years that if you are a business woman, it seems assumed that we won't want our accessories to look pretty - as if business doesn't mean you can also be feminine, but Knomo are the antidote to this. This is the gorgeous Teeli design which is a laptop case and briefcase and as you can see it is far from 'butch' - AND it is only £60!!

Stylish women CAN have both an attractive design led accessory that also meets their business needs, and get the quality we expect when we make our spending choice. If you are going to the CyberMummy Conference next month, I'll be there with my Knomo Briefcase!

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