Play Doh Review- School Holiday Lifesaver!

It was the first day of the Spring Bank school holidays and I'd already run out of ideas! So I was relieved when the post girl arrived with my package - containing this!

This little kit contains everything you need to shape, mould and create lots of fun new Play Doh shapes - including two mini pots of the actual Doh, so you can get started!

My kids took it in turns to make shapes and they loved it - here are some photos:

and here:

It is suitable for ages 3 and over, and my 7 year old says "It was really fun! You can let your friends play and enjoy it too"
Bless her!

The Play Doh Fun Factory is available from practically all toy retailers - just do a Google search - the cheapest will come up!

It certainly helped me to enjoy a fun filled morning with the kids that cost us nothing - highly recommended!

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