Saving Time and Beating the School Uniform Crowds!

My son will start school nursery in September and will have to wear a uniform, and this time I was determined to be prepared well in advance!

When my daughter went to nursery 4 years ago, I wasn't going to buy her a uniform. She was my eldest and so it was the first time I'd negotiated playground politics, and I mean the parents here - not the pupils! All the mums seemed to be planning to put their kids into school uniform even though in nursery - you don't have to.

The party line is that they can wear uniform if it makes it easier for you (for example if you already have older kids in uniform, it makes sense for them all to be the same) But your child can go to nursery wearing their own clothes, the rule about uniform is only enforced when they start Reception.

So being a lover of fashion and the ability to express oneself however we like (and for me this means I like dressing up!) so I wasn't going to make my daughter wear a uniform if she didn't have to. I figured that she had the rest of her school career to wear a uniform and look the same as everyone else. How wrong I was!

As nursery grew nearer, I was speaking to the other mums and it really did look like everyone in nursery that year was going to wear a uniform. Kids who did not have older siblings too - literally everyone! So I started thinking - maybe I should get my daughter a uniform after all. It is one thing to refuse to bow to peer pressure but the one who would be standing out is my daughter, and at her tender young age - all they want is to fit in! So I bowed.

Only problem was that by this time (the start of September!) all the school uniform in age 3 was taken. There was nothing left and my daughter- although three and a half at the time, has a petite frame and needed the smallest size. I found myself having to race round all the uniform shops, from M&S to ASDA to Adams to Tesco, to the local market stall and pick up the odd bits that remained at each place to give her enough to start with. Then I spent the rest of the nursery year picking up two of everything each time she needed something new. One skirt in her size, one in the next size up! I was stockpiling but it worked (I've never run out of uniform for her since even after an unexpected growth spurt) but this habit has stayed with me.

In 4 short months, my boy starts nursery and of course, being a boy and therefore cannot have the older sibling 'hand me downs', I have to get him a full set of everything - starting from age 3. All of the younger child sizes seem to fly off the shelves, so this time I have been savvy! I went onto and bought up a basic set in the smallest sizes and they arrived this morning! They don't have a massive range in Age 3 so I have got Age 4 trousers and Age 3 shorts and if I spot any Age 3 trousers elsewhere I will whip them up! At least I now have some trousers in Age 4 for when he grows into them!

The major school uniform push starts next month, when all the shops will be stocking up so I will still get a few pieces then but I feel happy now knowing that at least he will have something to wear come September 6th!

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  1. I am waiting for the three for two on M&S, they last better for me and the boys. As soon as it comes on I am ordering the whole lot in one swoop on line and getting it all done

  2. Great tip! I will do that too - I still need school tights for my daughter and she goes through them like you wouldn't believe so I'll get those 3 for 2! Thanks for posting!

  3. Me, too! I take daughter to the second hand uniform sales at school (private school, you can't buy any old uniform, has to be from school outfitter at inflated prices) and buy next size up pinafores and cardigans! I also sell her old uniform there to make some extras cash!


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