Free e-Book for Mumpreneurs

I have just found out about a new free e-book which Mumpreneurs out there may find useful!
The Mumpreneur’s Guide to Online Business Success is an e-book written by Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas - both mummybloggers who know about social networking. This free book is only available until 6th June 2010 as they are launching a new e-course on 7th June so snap it up quickly! Go here to claim the book:

It’s just right for anyone who wants to get started on Facebook, Twitter or create and maintain a business blog.

I did a review about a year ago of a book with a very similar name, so I'm letting you know about that to avoid confusion! This book was by Supermummy and here is the review:

Both books are worth checking out if you are a mum in business or want to be. You just need to find the time to read them now!!

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