Don't Have Time for Fashion Problems? Here is a Solution!

If like me, you are a busy mum, you will know that whilst you want to look good, you don't have time for things that don't work!

I have a gorgeous pair of shoes from NEXT that I got in the sale a year ago but I've only been able to wear them once as they are heels but have no support around the front of the foot to keep them on! Wearing them is like wearing flip flops which is ok and comfortable at flat level but when your whole body weight is poised on the balls of your feet and your tippy toes, they become less comfy.

I didn't want to relegate them to occasions when I know I only have to walk a small distance from a car to a seat inside, and in fact I have a family wedding this Summer that I'd like to wear them to. They will go beautifully with a purple dress I've bought and a grey ostrich feather tippet, but I was dreading the clappity clapping around that I'd have to do all day and at weddings you are on your feet a lot! I was dreading it until now....

Check this out - these will be my shoe hell salvation:

These are my new Heelstraps in their carry tin.
...and these are them on!

I am wearing them with my grey snakeskin shoes that I plan to wear to the wedding but of course I won't be 'jean clad' on the day!

Now being fashionable doesn't have to come second to practicality. I hope these Heelstraps are as comfy to wear all day as they seem, but early indications when strutting round the house seem ok.

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