Can't Supernanny create an Adult 'Naughty Step'?!

Last week we went to see Peppa Pig Live! But what was supposed to be a nice family day out became very stressful - on account of other people and their children! Let me explain...

When having a day out with kids, it's best to be prepared. By this, I mean that I always make them each a drink of juice before we go and take a spare Fruit Shoot for each, pack a few snacks in my bag, something to entertain (a soft toy or a DS) and a pack of wet wipes.

So I was well prepared for our trip to see Peppa Pig's Party. I had filled my bag, pre purchased a pair of plastic 'windmills' to give to each child when we got there as I knew there would be merchandise on sale at the venue and it always costs a lot more than it's worth. Besides, I got the plastic windmills in a discount store so they were really cheap. And I had also given each child the speech about being good, sitting nicely and not talking during the show. We were all set.

When we got to the show, I am pleased to say that during the first half, my children were seated, quiet (the bags of mini Cadbury's Fingers saw to that!) and really enjoyed the show - except for the talking. Now in a show aimed at kids you are going to get some noise from the audience. But in this show - apart from the usual screamers, the adults were chatting away too!

From the woman behind me whose only words seemed to be "Cameron - sit DOWN" and "Cameron - be QUIET!" to the couple of women to my right who seemed to be catching up on what went on at work that week, a lot of the adults were ruining the show and to be honest, I didn't pay to hear the details of their lives! At one stage, after staring across in the dark filled auditorium didn't work, I resorted to 'Shushing' them, but whether it registered with them is beyond me.

After the first half closed, and it was interval time, I looked over at the woman - let's call her 'gobby number 1' (her mate - gobby number 2 had gone to the refreshment stand to get something to soothe her throat I'm sure from all the chatting), and I said "Please can you not talk all the way through the second half?"

Her response was that "everyone else was talking" (as if this made it ok), so I pointed out that "everyone talking doesn't mean it's ok and besides, I've brought my children out for a day and we can't hear". Gobby No 1 replied that she had brought her children out too, and I was so frustrated by then at her attitude - she couldn't seem to care less if her own kids could her over her yapping, that I told her to "Shut up then so we can all hear the show and enjoy our days out!"

Fortunately she did do as I ask and shut up - she obviously couldn't think of a response to that, and we got a bit of quiet. My kids enjoyed the second half and I sat and reflected in the darkened theatre that this was a first. I've never had to 'discipline' a grown woman before. Makes you think that sometimes the parents need a naughty step more than the kids.

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  1. We went to the Palace Theatre on Saturday to see "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and the children (and adults) were beautifully behaved! Never occured to me that they would be anything other than well behaved, especially at £40 a ticket with no child concenssions! Everyone had to get their money's worth!

    PS Vouchers arrived saftely, thank you.


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