An Accidental Tip for 'Clean Freak' Mums!

Today I accidentally discovered a great tip for mums in the 'potty training' stage!

My son has been toilet training and doing well - bar the "number two's", he still hasn't got the hang yet! But we are not having too many accidents. ...except if he naps in the day.

Nowadays he is growing out of his afternoon nap in general, but he still napping on the odd occasion. When he does, I have been a bit worried in case he pees whilst asleep but it's even worse in the car seat because the whole seat gets wet which then contaminates any new clothing I put him in and makes the car seat smelly if it is left to dry.

I don't want to sneak a Pull-Up onto him while he sleeps because we've told him what a big boy he is and I think it would confuse him to suddenly find himself 'back to nappies'.

But today he was napping on the sofa when we needed to leave to collect my eldest from school. So I got a Pampers Bed Mat out to wrap round his butt, then I placed him in the car seat! Genius!

He stayed dry but if he had wet then all I'd do would be toss the bed mat and change his clothes and the car seat would remain dry!

Why didn't I think of this before?!!

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