Your Best Time Management Tip

As 'time management' is a theme I love (can't you tell?!) I want to remind you about a competition I'm running for your best tip!

It can be about running a home with several kids, how to stay sane whilst juggling work and the rest of your life or how to get some 'me time' by shaving time off chores elsewhere!

Read my post on it here.

The competition is open all of April 2010 so leave your comment with your tip to be in with a chance to win! *NOTE: This contest is now closed*

...... Being organised saves time, money, boosts your productivity and helps you enjoy the 'little stuff' of life.
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  1. Love your stuff!

    So, my best time management tip... well, I collect a lot of time management tips for parents, but one of my favorites is how to get off the phone when someone's chewing your ear off and they won't even let you get a word in edge wise to say you have to go... this works: set your oven timer for a short amount of time and stand next to it. When it goes off, allow the loud noise to blare into the receiver, then declare abruptly that your oven timer is going off and that you have to go attend to it - that's it! It works wonders!

    Can't wait to hear more great comments and ideas!

  2. Great tip Julie - Like it a lot!!
    You are in the 'hat' for the competition give-away!
    Keep reading and stop by again soon!!


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