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Being a WAHM with 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 husband, a business serving 100+ clients and a very busy schedule, I’m not short on inspiration! My kids provide a daily source of inspiration (and frustration too sometimes, but that’s another blog post!) and just seeing them have fun and laugh, cuddle each other or come and give me a big wet kiss all make me stop and say and internal ‘thank you’ to God for having them in my life. But I also take inspiration from other sources.

A sunny day can be all it takes to put me in a creative mood, or looking around at a clean, comfortable room in my home makes me feel happy and safe. Getting a ‘thank you’ message from a client when they are pleased with my work or getting a royalties statement from my Publisher who tell me that I’ve sold more copies of my book, all give me a glow and inspire me to do even more – even better. I challenge myself daily to outreach further, do more marketing, make more connections whilst nurturing the connections and friendships I already have, and I am very mindful of ‘the ordinary things’ and ‘the little things’ because to me they are not ordinary or small – they are what I get out of bed each day for.

I wasn’t born with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ but I’ve developed it over the years to a place where now it is just ‘the way I am’, and having this attitude provides all the inspiration I need to achieve the goals I set myself. I believe that anyone can do anything that they set their minds to. It won’t necessarily be easy but we all have the capabilities to improve ourselves, our work and our lives and if what you want to do has never been done before by another human being, then there is always a first. If it has been done before then you already have an action plan to follow!

As women we tend to put others first and our needs last – especially when we become mothers. So to take inspiration from your life and move forward, all you need to do is look at what you have already done. Look at your beautiful children – you have already created a masterpiece, and now you know this, you can do anything.

This post was first published at The Mumpreneur Guide - a Blog by Antonia Chitty. It was written by Nadine Hill (AKA Juggle Mum) for the Mumpreneur Guide in March 2010.

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